Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Illegal electronic surveillance & harm evidence

I've pasted in below a copy of the email that I sent earlier this morning to Inspector General Harper of the Office of the Governor. I sent a courtesy copy to FDLE IG Dennis. I also sent a personal email to FDLE IG Dennis with a cc to IG Harper.

Mr. Harper,

State Rep Don Brown's office suggested that if I felt harmed by an agency to bring a copy of the evidence to you and to the Inspector General of the agency (FDLE) involved. I'd like to schedule a meeting with both you and Mr. Dennis to present evidence regarding illegal electronic surveillance and misuse of official position by the FDLE and other FL law enforcement officials and the resulting harm. I have some questions, such as what to do with a Dodge mini-van whose electrical system was ruined by a remotely activated hard-wired tracking device law enforcement officers installed (I haven't attempted to locate the device because I don't want to destroy its evidentiary value), and I'm sure that you will have some questions yourself. I believe that a personal meeting with both you and Mr. Dennis either individually or preferably together would be the best way to resolve this matter. Please advise.

Thank you,
Joe Keegan

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