Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FDLE Executive Investigations Assistant Director Rick Lober

When former Director McLaughlin resigned suddenly and unexpectedly, Assistant Director Lober became the acting Director until appointed the new Chief Inspector, replacing Director McLaughlin as the new Director (Chief Inspector). Coincidentally, McLaughlin resigned the day after AG Charlie Crist's office received my formal complaint regarding Florida law enforcement officers, including former Director McLaughlin. AG Crist, however, apparently hadn't referred my complaint to Executive Investigations as his predecessor had done previously. Unfortunately, the former AG referred my letter to the FDLE just as he literally was going out the door and about one week before AG Crist's first day in office. Simply put: a slam dunk by Lober into the wastepaper basket with my complaint from the outgoing AG. The then new AG, Charlie Crist, never referred my subseuent letter- or at least there's no FDLE record of any such referal- that I sent to him just before former Director McLaughlin's sudden and unexpected resignation

Reviewing the records produced in the FDLE response to my recent PRR, I noticed a Related item #69 associated with FDLE Case # EI-73-4557, which had been closed earlier. Item # 69 is my letter to the former AG, which resulted in lot of commotion and off-the-books inquiries and explanations at the time. At any rate, then Assistant Director Lober "reviewed said correspondence" and determined that it "lacked substance." A copy of my letter related to the above case, which Lober based his decision, was maintained "for information purposes only as Related item #69."

Earlier today I submitted another Public Records Request for the above case file, item #69, and all records related to Lober's earlier decision and reply to the OAG if any. This isn't as complicated as it may seem. Lober is now Executive Investigation's Chief Inspector (formally called Director) and Inspector Wilmer is his subordinate. When Wilmer phoned me on July 3, he made a point to tell me that he knows nothing about this case. I'm just detailing the process of an officially sanctioned cover-up.

Monday, August 21, 2006

FDLE Case # 2006-CC-11 selectively edited by FDLE Executive Investigations to cover-up

As previously posted, the Director of Investigations, Office of the Chief Inspector General, forwarded by letter dated July 3, 2006 my June 26, 2006 letter to FDLE IG Al Dennis and advised me on July 3, 2006 that she had forwarded my letter. Suspiciously FDLE Inspector Wilmer first contacted me in the late afternoon of that same day. Although material to the FDLE's so-called "investigation," neither was contained in the FDLE's response to my previous Public Records Request for the case file for FDLE Case # 2006-CC-11. So, I pasted in this mornings new PRR to see what FDLE IG Dennis did with them.


Pursuant to Article I, section 24, of the Florida Constitution, and Chapter 119,F.S, I am requesting the following:

1) Any FDLE case file or record containing a copy of Dawn E. Case's letter, dated July 3, 2006, by which she forwarded my earlier letter to Gov. Jeb Bush, dated June 26, 2006, to FDLE IG Al Dennis. My June 26, 2006 letter specifically refers to a videocassette that I wished to present as direct evidence of illegal electronic surveillance by Florida law enforcement officers. Althougth both these letters are material to FDLE Case #2006-CC-11, neither one is contained in the documents that you provided in response to my PRR # 2006-641 requesting a copy of FDLE Case # 2006-CC-011. I am requesting a copy of these letters forwarded to FDLE IG Al Dennis by the Director of Investigations, Office of the Chief Inspector General, and any and all files, reports, documents, memorandum, and e-mails associated or releated to these two letters.


2) A copy of any document, transcript, computer print-out or record which indicates the date that FDLE Case #2006-CC-11 was assigned its case number by the FDLE and the corresponding dates that FDLE Cases #'s 2006-CC-09, 2006-CC-10, and 2006-CC-12 were assigned their case numbers.

Should you deny my request, or any part of the request, please state in writing the basis for the denial, including the exact statutory citation authorizing the denial, as required by s. 119.07(2), F.S.

I will contact your office within one week to discuss when I may expect fulfillment of my request, and payment of any statutorily prescribed fees. If you have any questions in the interim, you may contact me at 850/547-2254 or by email. Thank you.

Joe Keegan
Bonifay, FL 32425

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Florida PRR 2006-641

I received the FDLE Office of General Counsel's response to my Public Records Request for Case #2006-CC-011 in yesterday's mail. In his cover letter, dated August 16, 2006, Assistant General Counsel, James D. Martin, advised me that he had provided a copy of Case #2006-CC-011 documents and waived the copying costs as de minimus.

The "case file" contained a MEMORANDUM, dated July 24, 2006, and initialed by Inspector Wilmer regarding: "Email complaint by Joe Keegan." In it he wrote that he was assigned a complaint forwarded by the FDLE OIG. Wilmer also wrote the he reviewed eight AIMS Investigative Reports concerning similar complaints. Wilmer briefly recapped our July 3, 2006 afternoon phone conversation (Dawn Case, Director of Investigations, Office of the Chief Inspector General, notified me earlier that morning that she was forwarding my letter to the Governor to FDLE IG Dennis). The only errors that I noted in the little that he did write was that I said that the FDLE threatened only one TSCM expert with the loss of his Florida PI license and not all three as Wilmer wrote, and that he referred to my inquiry as a "complaint" regarding only an illegal tracking device. Wilmer also wrote that he inspected my July 4, 2006 email which recapped our July 3, 2006 conversation. Wilmer wrote that the recap was from "Mr. Keegan's perspective" and placed in the record. He concluded that "...Mr. Keegan's allegations are without basis in fact." During our July 3 phone conversation, Inspector Wilmer said that he did not know anything about this case other than what was contained in the email that the OIG forwarded, didn't know anything about my recent letter to Governor Bush (which not too surprisingly was missing from this case file), and didn't have any prior knowledge. Wilmer then went on to quote me verbatim from my earlier correspondence when he advised me what to do.

Neither Inspector Wilmer nor Chief Inspector Lober have replied to the following direct questions contained in my July 4, 2006 email: "Finally, if I did supply you with direct evidence of illegal electronic surveillance by FL law enforcement, what action could you take as an FDLE Criminal Investigator (Inspector)? And, what action would you take as an FDLE Criminal Investigator regarding illegal electronic surveillance and official misconduct by certified Florida law enforcement officers?"

The case file also contained Chief Inspector Lober's letter, dated July 24, 2006. I posted the text from his letter previously. The file also contained some internal data printouts, including references to prior complaints with brief histories. Basically, they used former FDLE Executive Director Jamie McLaughlin's initial refusal to investigate my detailed charges by claiming that there "didn't appear to be any criminal predicate," and morphed it to "lacks substance" and "no basis in fact" so as not to investigate my subsequent well documented and detailed complaints and charges.

I suspect that Wilmer's and Lober's July 24, 2006 respective MEMORANDUM and letter were written and backdated following my inquiries regarding the status of the interim FDLE Director. My letter to the Governor, which Director of Investigations Case forwarded to FDLE IG Dennis, did prompt Wilmer's July 3, 2006 afternoon phone call.

Friday, August 18, 2006

like a bolt from the blue

Earlier this afternoon the cell phone miraculously turned itself on at the same time that something tripped a neighbor's car alarm. I live in a rural area where cell phone reception is very poor. Hmmm, I wonder who's testing what now and why?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

FL Public Records Request 2006-641

I received a letter, dated Aug. 8, 2006, from James D. Martin, FDLE Assistant General Counsel, this afternoon regarding my PRR # 2006-641 for the complete file for FDLE Case #2006-CC-011. Mr. Martin advised me that a records search is now being conducted and when completed that he will advised me if I'm entitled to it under FL Public Records Law, Chapter 119, FS. Surely there shouldn't be any material contained therein to which I'm not entitled per the FL Statutes. The case is closed per FDLE Director Executive Investigations Loeber and the interim acting FDLE Commissioner. FDLE Case #2006-CC-011 concerns me and should contain my emails and letter to Governor Bush as well as the FDLE Inspector's records and documentation, but I want to see what the FDLE put in the "record," which Loeber and the FDLE "Royal We" based their decision on.

Monday, August 07, 2006

FDLE Interim Acting Commissioner Gerald M. Bailey

The July 24, 2006 FDLE letter that I posted earlier was from both acting Comm. Bailey and Executive Investigations Chief Inspector Lober. However, only Lober signed it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Florida Public Records Request

I was curious to see just what Inspector Wilmer, IG Dennis, and Executive Investigations Chief Inspector Lober "reviewed." I only sent them two emails. I wasn't even aware that I had filed a complaint, but only attempting to resolve this matter. At any rate, I called the FDLE General Counsel's office and they told me that I could email my PRR to Toshia Butler. I've pasted in the text of my PRR below:

Pursuant to Article I, section 24, of the Florida Constitution, and Chapter 119,F.S, I am requesting a complete copy of the case file for FDLE Case # 2006-CC-011. FDLE Chief Inspector Lober recently notified me that he closed out this case in which I am involved. Should you deny my request, or any part of the request, please state in writing the basis for the denial, including the exact statutory citation authorizing the denial, as required by s. 119.07(2), F.S.

I will contact your office within one week to discuss when I may expect fulfillment of my request, and payment of any statutorily prescribed fees. If you have any questions in the interim, you may contact me at 850/***-**** or by email. Thank you.

Joe Keegan

FDLE Executive Investigations Chief Inspector Richard E. Lober

After former Executive Investigations Director Jamie McLaughlin resigned the FDLE changed the title from Director to Chief Inspector. Yesterday I received a letter, dated July 24, 2006 (postmarked Aug. 1, 2006) from Chief Inspector Lober, which may also explain yesterday's police helicopter visit. What follows is the text from Lober's letter:

July 24, 2006

RE: FDLE Case #2006-CC-011

Dear Mr. Keegan:

We have recently completed our preliminary review in reference to possible misconduct by members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. During the course of this review, we reviewed the information that you provided the Office of the Inspector General and reviewed applicable documents.

As a result of our review, we have determined tht there are no administrative violations of FDLE's policies or procedures by any FDLE member. Therefore, we are closing this matter without further investigation.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Should you have any questions concerning this review, please feel free to contact Inspector Wilmer at 850-410-0000.


Gerald M. Bailey

Richard E. Lober, Chief Inspector
Executive Investigations


* * * * * * * * * * *

Former Director McLaughlin wouldn't even "review" the case claiming that there didn't "appear to be any criminal predicate." Lober acted as the Director when McLaughlin "suddenly and unexpectedly" resigned following FL OAG's receipt of my letter calling for an investigation. The reason for Lober's back dated CYA letter, signed by Lober, is my July 31, 2006 email to the Governor's office asking if Bailey is the new FDLE Commissioner or just acting. Even if appointed the new FDLE Comm, Bailey probably would just cover-up as did former Comm. Tunnell, but as acting Commissioner there isn't a snow ball's chance in hell of him doing anything. I wonder what these clowns reviewed anyway? I only sent them two emails.

I still haven't received any reply from either FDLE IG Dennis, Inspector Wilmer, or Lober as to what they would do if I did present them with evidence. And, oh yes, yesterday's visit by the big spiffy new police helicopter, unlike the junks they usually dispatch,is their way of sending me an FU message.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FDLE Commissioner Bailey

The FDLE's email reply to a recent inquiry follows:

Dear Mr. Keegan,

At this time, Commissioner Bailey remains "interim." A permanent commissioner has not yet been determined.

FDLE Public Information Office

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

If the police helicopter wasn't out here to check out the grapes, was it because of my inquiry regarding whether or not Commissioner Bailey was acting as the interim FDLE Commissioner? Hey, it was only a question.


FOP FOP FOP....Helicopters almost sound like that. Hey, has this morning's visit anything to do with not contributing to the FOP- Florida Chapter- fund drive?

FDLE "sources/witnesses" & Helicopters

The FDLE's top secret "reliable source/witness" received a mandatory life plus 25 year sentence in federal court recently. I didn't know the guy very well. I spoke to him, usually only during a confrontational situations, briefly 3 or 4 times for less than 5 minutes each time since I've lived here. Whenever the FDLE or Holmes County Sheriff's Department needed a false statement or possibly even an affidavit to initiate yet another investigation they just suborned him for one. Apparently his information didn't carry the same weight it once did. Seems like everybody else, including some self-righteous, self-serving, hypocritical stooges, were privey to these reports, but I wasn't. Numerous FL Public Record Requests, however, revealed no reports of any investigations related to me directly or indirectly. This practice is referred to as "off the book investigations" or else "informal inquiries," and they are used to harass, slander, and discredit any charges of official misconduct. They also tend to scare the crap out of any normal upright average citizen and intimidate witnesses. A tip to some well meaning people: Whenever any law enforcement officer or federal agent approaches you regarding someone, ask them directly: Have you spoken with this person? And, is this an official investigation? If they say no, then ask them, "Why?" Also, if one of their stooges approaches you regarding anyone, especially revealing personal knowledge about this person, ask the stooge: Have you talked to this person yourself? I think that you'd be surprised at some of the answers.

This morning about 9:57 a.m., I heard what sounded like a military helicopter. At first, I ignored it, but decided to take a look as I heard it approach. It was a large black and white police helicopter with what appeared to be a electronic surveillance device mounted on the front (I have photos of Navy hueys mounted with these hoovering over a former residence). The chopper was flying fast in a southwesterly direction at around 100 feet, and I could see it at the tree line. This police helicopter wasn't one of the usual small whinny birds, but more military like.

Yesterday private contractors bush hogged the area beneath and surrounding the utility power lines servicing the house and grounds, so there's now a clear cut "alley" beneath the lines. When I walked the dogs [repeat: dogs and not illegal immigrants, terrorists, or WMD disguised as dogs, but dogs]earlier this morning, I noticed what appeared to be a spotter plane, but dismissed it as someone from the utility just checking yesterday's bush hogging as the plane was following the powerline. Also, those plants in the containers in the backyard? They are grape vines planted from cultivars. Barring any unfortunate and tragic "accident" in the so-called "war ond drugs," I'll plant them this spring.