Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FDLE "sources/witnesses" & Helicopters

The FDLE's top secret "reliable source/witness" received a mandatory life plus 25 year sentence in federal court recently. I didn't know the guy very well. I spoke to him, usually only during a confrontational situations, briefly 3 or 4 times for less than 5 minutes each time since I've lived here. Whenever the FDLE or Holmes County Sheriff's Department needed a false statement or possibly even an affidavit to initiate yet another investigation they just suborned him for one. Apparently his information didn't carry the same weight it once did. Seems like everybody else, including some self-righteous, self-serving, hypocritical stooges, were privey to these reports, but I wasn't. Numerous FL Public Record Requests, however, revealed no reports of any investigations related to me directly or indirectly. This practice is referred to as "off the book investigations" or else "informal inquiries," and they are used to harass, slander, and discredit any charges of official misconduct. They also tend to scare the crap out of any normal upright average citizen and intimidate witnesses. A tip to some well meaning people: Whenever any law enforcement officer or federal agent approaches you regarding someone, ask them directly: Have you spoken with this person? And, is this an official investigation? If they say no, then ask them, "Why?" Also, if one of their stooges approaches you regarding anyone, especially revealing personal knowledge about this person, ask the stooge: Have you talked to this person yourself? I think that you'd be surprised at some of the answers.

This morning about 9:57 a.m., I heard what sounded like a military helicopter. At first, I ignored it, but decided to take a look as I heard it approach. It was a large black and white police helicopter with what appeared to be a electronic surveillance device mounted on the front (I have photos of Navy hueys mounted with these hoovering over a former residence). The chopper was flying fast in a southwesterly direction at around 100 feet, and I could see it at the tree line. This police helicopter wasn't one of the usual small whinny birds, but more military like.

Yesterday private contractors bush hogged the area beneath and surrounding the utility power lines servicing the house and grounds, so there's now a clear cut "alley" beneath the lines. When I walked the dogs [repeat: dogs and not illegal immigrants, terrorists, or WMD disguised as dogs, but dogs]earlier this morning, I noticed what appeared to be a spotter plane, but dismissed it as someone from the utility just checking yesterday's bush hogging as the plane was following the powerline. Also, those plants in the containers in the backyard? They are grape vines planted from cultivars. Barring any unfortunate and tragic "accident" in the so-called "war ond drugs," I'll plant them this spring.

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