Monday, November 27, 2006

Garden Shrub & Tree Planting Mix

For the last two weeks, it's been unusally quiet around here. No low flying aircraft vibrating the house (A number of congressmen, including Rep. Boyd and former Rep. Scarbourough as well as a Pentagon JAG can verify my familiarity with helicopters). No police escorts when I go to town. No crank calls. Even the frequency of hang-up calls decreased significantly. There was some vandalism to a family member's car within the last few days, but that just could have been random and not some cop stooge. So I was curious as to why some helicopter at approximately 9:55 a.m. this morning would "break the truce." I heard one coming in low and fast, so I went out to take a look. It sounded like a military one, but not quite. It certainly wasn't one of the state whinny engined ones. I then saw it flying just above tree top level about 100 yards south of the house in a south south-east direction. It wasn't military or one of the regular state ones, but possibly one of the new medical emergency ones or some police helicopter that I didn't recognize. The pilot was quite good. But why 100 yards south of the house just beyond a small copse of oak and over an open area? They usually buzz the house. It couldn't possibly be the bag of Garden Shrub and Tree Planting Mix that I left there Friday? I intended to plant a tree there later that afternoon, but I didn't get around to it. Surely, "they" couldn't be looking at this package of garden mix with some fertilizer as a "drop," which would serve as a pretext for another raid? According to a knowledgeable neighbor, the appropriate recipient of any such "drop" might be some local law enforcement officer. Of course, this all sounds silly, but what was this morning's daring do all about? Take a closer look at the package (video freeze frame)?

I am concerned in light of one of the FDLE stooges saying that next time "they'll shoot first and ask questions later." Of course, he was joking, that is if remembers that comment, but I'm concerned nonetheless. I don't want any more SWAT raids or late night helicopter visits. So what was it about? Couldn't possibly be anything to do with my letter to Assistant State Attorney Lewis? I asked him a simple question: Did he see the videotape that he copied in response to my Public Records Request? The Honorable Steve Meadows refused to even reply to my PRR. Only after I asked AG Charlie Crist's office where do I send Public Records Requests for public records in the possession of State Attorneys did Mr. Lewis contact me. I don't want any family member, pet, or myself being just another "tragic and unfortunate incident" in the so-called war on drugs. At any rate, that little incident motivated me enough to hurry up and plant that persimmon tree shortly afterwards.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

William A. Lewis, Chief Assistant State Attorney

The Florida Office of Attorney General (OAG)replied to my Public Records Request indicating that they had a copy of my letter (see May 13, 2006 post in this blog entitled "Government Spying") to AG Charlie Crist charging Florida law enforcement officers with illegal electronic surveillance and requesting an investigation of my charges. However, the OAG indicated that there were no associated documents, such as an FDLE referral or any memoranda, in the case file. I don't know if AG Charlie Crist even reviewed my charges. Jamie McLaughlin, the top cop that I charged with covering up this scandal, suddenly and unexpectedly resigned the day after the USPS confirmed delivery of my letter, presummably based on an anonymous tip regarding a charge that could be related to sexual harassment (If you resigned before being charged, you get to keep your pension). Since State Attorney Stever Meadows (Florida 14th Judicial Circuit)never replied to my Public Records Request to his office, I emailed Crist's OAG and asked if I should mail all PRR's regarding State Attorneys to the OAG instead of the respective State Attorney Offices (SAO's). I didn't identify the particular State Attorney or Judicial District. Shortly afterwards I received an email from an employee within SA Meadows office telling me that Mr. Lewis, the Chief Assistant State Attorney, ordered her to contact me regarding my PRR. I did and in response to my PRR received a copy of the video (evidence) and accompanying lettter that I sent the Honorable to prove my charges of illegal electronic surveillance by FL law enforcement.

Recently I received a letter from Mr. Lewis who questioned my credibility, refused to answer my reasonable questions, but nonetheless encouraged me to continue to write to him. Okay, so per Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis' request, I wrote him a letter, a copy of which I pasted in below. I asked Mr. Lewis a simple question: Did you see the videotape? The USPS confirmed delivery of my letter.

CERTIFIED MAIL # 7006 0810 0005 0531 5502

Nov. 21, 2006

William A. Lewis, Chief Assistant State Attorney
State Attorney’s Office
421 Magnolia Avenue,
Panama City, FL 32401

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Thank you for your October 2, 2006 letter. When the Hon. Steve Meadows didn’t reply to my inquiries, I wrote US Rep. Jeff Miller and included a copy of the same videotape that I sent to SA Meadows. The tape was compelling enough for Rep. Miller to suggest that I contact FL Rep. Don Brown. I did, but I didn't hear from him, until a retired FDLE Special Agent researched some news articles at our local library one morning regarding a bungled FDLE drug bust. Brad Drake, Rep. Brown's assistant, emailed me later that very same day suggesting that if I feel "harmed" by any state agency to send evidence to the IG's at the Governor’s office and the FDLE IG. I contacted both IG's. Dawn E. Case, Director of Investigations, Office of the Chief Inspector General notified me that she forwarded my inquiry to FDLE IG Al Dennis. I received a phone call later that same day from FDLE OIG Inspector Keith Wilmer. When he suggested that I take actions that I've already taken and quoted my earlier correspondence verbatim while denying that he knew anything about this matter, it became clear that he was being disingenuous.

Did you view the videotape that I sent to SA Meadows while you were copying it in order to comply with my Public Records Request? It’s quite compelling, isn’t it? Did you show it to Mr. Tunnel? What did he say? He has 30+ years experience as a professional in law enforcement and is familiar with such surveillance devices and should recognize it. Surely you relied on his considerable expertise in this matter? Please reply to this inquiry by December 13, 2006. Thank you.


Joe Keegan

cc: Governor-Elect Charlie Crist
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Political Activism Cause & Effect

A NYC political activist friend called me yesterday afternoon to recruit me for a very worthwhile project. I declined and explained to her that I don’t have the time now, but that I will in about two to three months when an on-going situation is resolved (I may have been premature and overly optimistic regarding the time frame). This morning I encountered some young trespassers walking down the driveway when I returned home. Last trespassers that I encountered along the driveway were Holmes County law enforcement officers. It was dark and my dogs were barking, so I put them in the car and drove up front to see what they were barking at. Just around the bend, I encountered two figures with flashlights. I stopped and asked them who they were and what they wanted. The older and heavy one identified himself as Chief Inspector Aubrey Carroll. He said that a neighbor had run off with some evidence and they were looking for it. He said that he heard my dogs barking and thought that it might be my neighbor. I drove up front and when I returned they were on the other side of the fence. I later learned that the Chief Inspector was looking for 3.5 pounds of meth, which is still “missing (I’ve been threatened not to talk about this, so I won’t).” Later that evening an FDLE helicopter returned to assist in the purported apprehension of my neighbor who had escaped earlier in the day and supposedly returned home that evening. The FDLE helicopter didn't go anywhere near my neighbor's house, but instead hovered over my residence for over one half an hour in a thinly veiled attempt to provoke a violent incident and remove their illegal “bugs” afterwards. Incidentally, the helicopter incident as well as some “cut deals” concern the cops as much as their illegal bugs.

A Florida political activist called me Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006. We talked and might possibly meet after the elections. Shortly afterwards I received a call from a woman who said, “This is a neighbor. Can I speak to Laurie?” I said, “Wrong number and hung up.” I thought it strange that this “neighbor” didn’t identify herself and I don’t even know a “Laurie.” I dismissed it as another wrong number. However, I noticed that wrong numbers or unusual incidents follow calls from political activists, but not a friend in a western state who’s involved in a significant scandal that so far law enforcement there has successfully covered-up. I wonder if there’s any cause effect relationship here and, if so, what is it?

Florida L.E.O.'s

Returning home this morning about 8:55 a.m. I encountered 3 young trespassers with their black and white dog walking up the driveway by the open field. They had apparently entered from the neighbor’s side where the fence was down. My neighbors’ dogs weren’t around, which would allow them access through their yard. I had my dog with me and stopped only long enough to tell them that it was private property and then drove back to the house. I told a family member that some kids were walking along the drive. My family member said that explains why the dogs were barking just a short time before. We drove up front and my family member told the kids that this was private property and warned them that if they trespass again the Sheriff will talk to them. The kids pointed to the trailer that was just put up across the street and said that they lived there.

Florida law enforcement officers please be advised that all those plants around the bend as you approach the house and in the yard are Washingtonian, Canary Island, and other palms, Pampas Grass, azaleas, etc. and the plants in the concrete urn are ornamental cabbage. The plants in the plastic containers are grapes, hazelnuts, persimmon, and some bald cypress for transplanting later this fall or early spring. Your helicopters and other aircraft fly low and frequent enough to have identified all these plants by now. I don't want any more late night helicopter visits.