Sunday, November 05, 2006

Florida L.E.O.'s

Returning home this morning about 8:55 a.m. I encountered 3 young trespassers with their black and white dog walking up the driveway by the open field. They had apparently entered from the neighbor’s side where the fence was down. My neighbors’ dogs weren’t around, which would allow them access through their yard. I had my dog with me and stopped only long enough to tell them that it was private property and then drove back to the house. I told a family member that some kids were walking along the drive. My family member said that explains why the dogs were barking just a short time before. We drove up front and my family member told the kids that this was private property and warned them that if they trespass again the Sheriff will talk to them. The kids pointed to the trailer that was just put up across the street and said that they lived there.

Florida law enforcement officers please be advised that all those plants around the bend as you approach the house and in the yard are Washingtonian, Canary Island, and other palms, Pampas Grass, azaleas, etc. and the plants in the concrete urn are ornamental cabbage. The plants in the plastic containers are grapes, hazelnuts, persimmon, and some bald cypress for transplanting later this fall or early spring. Your helicopters and other aircraft fly low and frequent enough to have identified all these plants by now. I don't want any more late night helicopter visits.

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