Sunday, November 05, 2006

Political Activism Cause & Effect

A NYC political activist friend called me yesterday afternoon to recruit me for a very worthwhile project. I declined and explained to her that I don’t have the time now, but that I will in about two to three months when an on-going situation is resolved (I may have been premature and overly optimistic regarding the time frame). This morning I encountered some young trespassers walking down the driveway when I returned home. Last trespassers that I encountered along the driveway were Holmes County law enforcement officers. It was dark and my dogs were barking, so I put them in the car and drove up front to see what they were barking at. Just around the bend, I encountered two figures with flashlights. I stopped and asked them who they were and what they wanted. The older and heavy one identified himself as Chief Inspector Aubrey Carroll. He said that a neighbor had run off with some evidence and they were looking for it. He said that he heard my dogs barking and thought that it might be my neighbor. I drove up front and when I returned they were on the other side of the fence. I later learned that the Chief Inspector was looking for 3.5 pounds of meth, which is still “missing (I’ve been threatened not to talk about this, so I won’t).” Later that evening an FDLE helicopter returned to assist in the purported apprehension of my neighbor who had escaped earlier in the day and supposedly returned home that evening. The FDLE helicopter didn't go anywhere near my neighbor's house, but instead hovered over my residence for over one half an hour in a thinly veiled attempt to provoke a violent incident and remove their illegal “bugs” afterwards. Incidentally, the helicopter incident as well as some “cut deals” concern the cops as much as their illegal bugs.

A Florida political activist called me Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006. We talked and might possibly meet after the elections. Shortly afterwards I received a call from a woman who said, “This is a neighbor. Can I speak to Laurie?” I said, “Wrong number and hung up.” I thought it strange that this “neighbor” didn’t identify herself and I don’t even know a “Laurie.” I dismissed it as another wrong number. However, I noticed that wrong numbers or unusual incidents follow calls from political activists, but not a friend in a western state who’s involved in a significant scandal that so far law enforcement there has successfully covered-up. I wonder if there’s any cause effect relationship here and, if so, what is it?

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