Sunday, November 26, 2006

William A. Lewis, Chief Assistant State Attorney

The Florida Office of Attorney General (OAG)replied to my Public Records Request indicating that they had a copy of my letter (see May 13, 2006 post in this blog entitled "Government Spying") to AG Charlie Crist charging Florida law enforcement officers with illegal electronic surveillance and requesting an investigation of my charges. However, the OAG indicated that there were no associated documents, such as an FDLE referral or any memoranda, in the case file. I don't know if AG Charlie Crist even reviewed my charges. Jamie McLaughlin, the top cop that I charged with covering up this scandal, suddenly and unexpectedly resigned the day after the USPS confirmed delivery of my letter, presummably based on an anonymous tip regarding a charge that could be related to sexual harassment (If you resigned before being charged, you get to keep your pension). Since State Attorney Stever Meadows (Florida 14th Judicial Circuit)never replied to my Public Records Request to his office, I emailed Crist's OAG and asked if I should mail all PRR's regarding State Attorneys to the OAG instead of the respective State Attorney Offices (SAO's). I didn't identify the particular State Attorney or Judicial District. Shortly afterwards I received an email from an employee within SA Meadows office telling me that Mr. Lewis, the Chief Assistant State Attorney, ordered her to contact me regarding my PRR. I did and in response to my PRR received a copy of the video (evidence) and accompanying lettter that I sent the Honorable to prove my charges of illegal electronic surveillance by FL law enforcement.

Recently I received a letter from Mr. Lewis who questioned my credibility, refused to answer my reasonable questions, but nonetheless encouraged me to continue to write to him. Okay, so per Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis' request, I wrote him a letter, a copy of which I pasted in below. I asked Mr. Lewis a simple question: Did you see the videotape? The USPS confirmed delivery of my letter.

CERTIFIED MAIL # 7006 0810 0005 0531 5502

Nov. 21, 2006

William A. Lewis, Chief Assistant State Attorney
State Attorney’s Office
421 Magnolia Avenue,
Panama City, FL 32401

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Thank you for your October 2, 2006 letter. When the Hon. Steve Meadows didn’t reply to my inquiries, I wrote US Rep. Jeff Miller and included a copy of the same videotape that I sent to SA Meadows. The tape was compelling enough for Rep. Miller to suggest that I contact FL Rep. Don Brown. I did, but I didn't hear from him, until a retired FDLE Special Agent researched some news articles at our local library one morning regarding a bungled FDLE drug bust. Brad Drake, Rep. Brown's assistant, emailed me later that very same day suggesting that if I feel "harmed" by any state agency to send evidence to the IG's at the Governor’s office and the FDLE IG. I contacted both IG's. Dawn E. Case, Director of Investigations, Office of the Chief Inspector General notified me that she forwarded my inquiry to FDLE IG Al Dennis. I received a phone call later that same day from FDLE OIG Inspector Keith Wilmer. When he suggested that I take actions that I've already taken and quoted my earlier correspondence verbatim while denying that he knew anything about this matter, it became clear that he was being disingenuous.

Did you view the videotape that I sent to SA Meadows while you were copying it in order to comply with my Public Records Request? It’s quite compelling, isn’t it? Did you show it to Mr. Tunnel? What did he say? He has 30+ years experience as a professional in law enforcement and is familiar with such surveillance devices and should recognize it. Surely you relied on his considerable expertise in this matter? Please reply to this inquiry by December 13, 2006. Thank you.


Joe Keegan

cc: Governor-Elect Charlie Crist
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

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