Monday, July 31, 2006

FOP-Florida State Lodge

The Fraternal Order of Police's most recent solicitation for donations was this past Friday, July 28, 2006. The cops don't call you themselves,but hire someone that does it for them. A Tom Crosby from one such firm in Tallahasse called this past Friday. Mr. Crosby was polite and professional and advised me that he was recording our conversation for my protection. I interrupted Mr. Crosby before he began his "pitch" and asked him if he could give me a number to call to verify his company's legitimacy. Mr. Crosby said that he didn't have a personal number, but to call 888-268-8029, which was his company's toll-free number. I then asked him for the FOP's URL and told him that I wanted to check out the organization and that I'd get back. Mr. Crosby gave me the following website: . Mr. Crosby was polite, professional, and most importantly above board. When you ask someone that is honest and above board a direct question, they'll give you a direct answer. What I didn't ask Mr. Crosby was why was he calling me since this number is on the no-call list?

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