Saturday, July 15, 2006


I still haven't received a reply to my email from either FDLE OIG Inspector Keith Wilmer or his boss, IG Dennis. I wonder if these gentlemen, unlike State Attorney Steve Meadows, save their emails? Meadows said that he didn't because he doesn't type and thought that the server in Tallahassee would save his emails. At any rate, I guess that Inspector Wilmer didn't find any material misrepresentations or misstatements in my recap of our conversation. I also asked Wilmer (and Dennis) what would they do if I supplied them with direct evidence of illegal electronic surveillance by the FDLE? That's not a trick question. It's simple enough, especially since they're supposed to be investigating my charges or something. For that matter, Inspector Wilmer could just ask some FDLE officials if I'm bugged or not. They know because they're covering-up. Another way is just do a simple accounting of their "bugs." Most law enforcement "bugs" have serial numbers and they're inventoried. Just check the records. If they are investigating anything, I wonder what or rather whom? Hmmm, I could I be under another double secret investigation? They'll have to find another secret witness, because the last one they used as needed is away for awhile.

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