Monday, July 03, 2006

FDLE Office of Inspector General

I just got off the phone a short time ago (within the last hour or so)with FDLE Inspector Keith Wilmer who called about an email that he said he received from IG Dennis regarding a Dodge minivan. I asked Mr. Wilmer if he were a Criminal Investigator and he replied that he was one. I asked Criminal Investigator (Inspector) Wilmer if he were recording our phone conversation. Inspector Wilmer replied that he wasn't. I was keeping a contemporaneous record of our phone conversation just as I supposed that Mr. Wilmer was keeping one. This post is based on that record and serves as an extension of it. Mr. Wilmer caught me at an inopportune time as I was making preparations for the 4th of July holiday and wasn't prepared to answer his questions. Wilmer's call followed shortly after a phone call from Kim Likens at the Chief Inspector's Office at the Office of the Inspector General at the Governor's office. Ms. Likens told me that her superior, Ms. Dawn Case, told her to call me and tell me that they were sending some letters that they received to FDLE IG Dennis because my complaint belongs there. I asked her if these letters were from the Governor and she replied that they were. I thanked her and wished her happy 4th.

I asked Mr. Wilmer what IG office he was with because the distinctions and hierachies confuse me. Mr. Wilmer said that the hierchary confuses him, too. He said that he was with the FDLE OIG and calling about my email to IG Dennis regarding a remote transponder in a Dodge minivan. I asked him if he saw any other letters, such as to AG Crist or the Governor. He said that he was replying to an email to FDLE IG Dennis regarding a Dodge minivan and denied that he saw any other correspondence. I asked Mr. Wilmer if his call just involved the minivan and he replied that his call just concerned the minivan. I expanded the scope of Mr. Wilmer's call. I told him that I was being direct and Mr. Wilmer replied that he was being direct. I was courteous, respectful, and polite as was FDLE Criminal Investigator Keith Wilmer, who appeared to have a southern accent. I have a yankee accent.

To summarize: Mr. Wilmer concentrated on the minivan and asked me who it belonged to, why would law enforcement put a remote transponder in it, and who verified that there was a tracking device in it. I told him that the minivan belonged to a family member, I didn't answer his question regarding why, and I told him that I would have to check the record to see the expert who verified its presence, although I told him that the expert said that the FDLE had a warrant and would have to tell me about it and the bugs on the pole within 30 days. I told FDLE Criminal Investigator Keith Wilmer that it's been more than 30 days.

When Mr. Wilmer's questions grew increasingly silly, I asked him directly if there were any Florida law enforcement bugs on the utility poles servicing the house and grounds. Wilmer said that he didn't know. He also said that he didn't know anything other regarding this matter than what he received in an email from his boss. He said that he didn't know anything about any letters to Governor Bush.

He asked me what experts verified the bugs on the the utility pole and why they didn't supply reports. I told him that I'd have to check the records and that they didn't supply reports because they were tampered with by the FDLE and perhaps some other agencies.

He wanted dates and as I said he caught me off guard because of holiday preparations. After continued questioning, I told him that the first incident was to the best of my memory either 2001 or 2002 following the bungled drug bust of my neighbors. I said that an FDLE agent disguised as a FedEx driver delivered 3.5 lbs. of meth to my neighbor's wife. I told him that my neighbor arrived home as the bust was going down and ran off with the 3.5 lbs. of meth. FDLE Criminal Investigator Wilmer didn't allow me to finish and interrupted repeatedly saying that this has nothing to do with his criminal investigation. I told Wilmer that it has everything to do with it.

Long and short of it was that Wilmer's "investigation" didn't last more than 25 minutes. Inspector Wilmer asked me if I had searched for the tracking device in the minivan. I told him no. Wilmer advised me that I'd have to have some certified mechanic inspect the minivan and verify that there's a bug in it. When I asked him if there were FL law enforcement bugs on the utility poles, Inspector Wilmer said to contact the power supplier and ask them to do a search for "illegal attachments." I told Wilmer that I had already done that and that with the protection of the FDLE they removed the orginial bugs and replaced them with the next generation. Wilmer told me that I'd have to pay for the experts to verify the presence of "attachments" and to supply their "reports of findings" to him. I told Wilmer that the FDLE kept threatening the experts with loss of their PI license or else they had conflicts of interest. Wilmer cut me off before I could discuss any experts conflicts of interests, although I said that they'd lose their licenses or else go to jail. Wilmer said that's not possible.

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