Thursday, August 10, 2006

FL Public Records Request 2006-641

I received a letter, dated Aug. 8, 2006, from James D. Martin, FDLE Assistant General Counsel, this afternoon regarding my PRR # 2006-641 for the complete file for FDLE Case #2006-CC-011. Mr. Martin advised me that a records search is now being conducted and when completed that he will advised me if I'm entitled to it under FL Public Records Law, Chapter 119, FS. Surely there shouldn't be any material contained therein to which I'm not entitled per the FL Statutes. The case is closed per FDLE Director Executive Investigations Loeber and the interim acting FDLE Commissioner. FDLE Case #2006-CC-011 concerns me and should contain my emails and letter to Governor Bush as well as the FDLE Inspector's records and documentation, but I want to see what the FDLE put in the "record," which Loeber and the FDLE "Royal We" based their decision on.

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Carl Miller said...

Yeah, we've got to drive out the bush regime!

Bush Lied, Bush Spied, Bush Step Down.