Thursday, August 03, 2006

FDLE Executive Investigations Chief Inspector Richard E. Lober

After former Executive Investigations Director Jamie McLaughlin resigned the FDLE changed the title from Director to Chief Inspector. Yesterday I received a letter, dated July 24, 2006 (postmarked Aug. 1, 2006) from Chief Inspector Lober, which may also explain yesterday's police helicopter visit. What follows is the text from Lober's letter:

July 24, 2006

RE: FDLE Case #2006-CC-011

Dear Mr. Keegan:

We have recently completed our preliminary review in reference to possible misconduct by members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. During the course of this review, we reviewed the information that you provided the Office of the Inspector General and reviewed applicable documents.

As a result of our review, we have determined tht there are no administrative violations of FDLE's policies or procedures by any FDLE member. Therefore, we are closing this matter without further investigation.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Should you have any questions concerning this review, please feel free to contact Inspector Wilmer at 850-410-0000.


Gerald M. Bailey

Richard E. Lober, Chief Inspector
Executive Investigations


* * * * * * * * * * *

Former Director McLaughlin wouldn't even "review" the case claiming that there didn't "appear to be any criminal predicate." Lober acted as the Director when McLaughlin "suddenly and unexpectedly" resigned following FL OAG's receipt of my letter calling for an investigation. The reason for Lober's back dated CYA letter, signed by Lober, is my July 31, 2006 email to the Governor's office asking if Bailey is the new FDLE Commissioner or just acting. Even if appointed the new FDLE Comm, Bailey probably would just cover-up as did former Comm. Tunnell, but as acting Commissioner there isn't a snow ball's chance in hell of him doing anything. I wonder what these clowns reviewed anyway? I only sent them two emails.

I still haven't received any reply from either FDLE IG Dennis, Inspector Wilmer, or Lober as to what they would do if I did present them with evidence. And, oh yes, yesterday's visit by the big spiffy new police helicopter, unlike the junks they usually dispatch,is their way of sending me an FU message.

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