Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FDLE Executive Investigations Assistant Director Rick Lober

When former Director McLaughlin resigned suddenly and unexpectedly, Assistant Director Lober became the acting Director until appointed the new Chief Inspector, replacing Director McLaughlin as the new Director (Chief Inspector). Coincidentally, McLaughlin resigned the day after AG Charlie Crist's office received my formal complaint regarding Florida law enforcement officers, including former Director McLaughlin. AG Crist, however, apparently hadn't referred my complaint to Executive Investigations as his predecessor had done previously. Unfortunately, the former AG referred my letter to the FDLE just as he literally was going out the door and about one week before AG Crist's first day in office. Simply put: a slam dunk by Lober into the wastepaper basket with my complaint from the outgoing AG. The then new AG, Charlie Crist, never referred my subseuent letter- or at least there's no FDLE record of any such referal- that I sent to him just before former Director McLaughlin's sudden and unexpected resignation

Reviewing the records produced in the FDLE response to my recent PRR, I noticed a Related item #69 associated with FDLE Case # EI-73-4557, which had been closed earlier. Item # 69 is my letter to the former AG, which resulted in lot of commotion and off-the-books inquiries and explanations at the time. At any rate, then Assistant Director Lober "reviewed said correspondence" and determined that it "lacked substance." A copy of my letter related to the above case, which Lober based his decision, was maintained "for information purposes only as Related item #69."

Earlier today I submitted another Public Records Request for the above case file, item #69, and all records related to Lober's earlier decision and reply to the OAG if any. This isn't as complicated as it may seem. Lober is now Executive Investigation's Chief Inspector (formally called Director) and Inspector Wilmer is his subordinate. When Wilmer phoned me on July 3, he made a point to tell me that he knows nothing about this case. I'm just detailing the process of an officially sanctioned cover-up.

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