Saturday, September 02, 2006

FL State Attorney Steve Meadows PRR

I still haven't heard from the above Honorable, so I emailed him a Public Records Request to see what's up. Since Steve doesn't type (no shit, he's quoted as saying he deleted some email because he doesn't type),I also faxed him a copy (The Hon. ignores certified mail, so maybe I'll have more luck with a fax?). Gov. Bush suggested that I bring any evidence to my State Attorney, so I sent Meadows a videocassette which proves very sophisticated government surveillance (some TSCM experts verified my suppositions). The Governor also sent my correspondence to then FDLE Commissioner Guy Tunnell, who like Steve also tends to ignore official misconduct. Incidentally, after Commissioner Tunnell (Republican) resigned without any explanation, State Attorney Steve Meadows (Democrat) promptly hired him and then after only 3 months on the job increased Guy's salary by 75%. That's the 14th judicial circuit for you! At any rate, I've pasted in my PRR below (I still haven't heard from the Honorable, ie. Steve Meadows and not Guy Tunnell- I don't want to get my "Honorables" mixed-up.


August 28, 2006

The Honorable Steve Meadows
State Attorney’s Office
P.O. Box 1040
Panama City, FL 32402
Fax: 850-872-4680

Pursuant to Article I, section 24, of the Florida Constitution, and Chapter 119,F.S, I am requesting the following regarding my letters, dated May 13, 2005, June 18, 2005, and September 26, 2005 (which also included a videocassette), to Florida State Attorney Steve Meadows reporting Florida law enforcement misconduct and suppling evidence as advised by Gov. Jeb Bush:

1) Copies of the above referenced letters retained by your office and any and all case files, documents, and records related to or associated with my letters, including emails; and,

2) Copy of any referrals, inquiries, or discussions regarding my above referenced letters to and with any other state agency, such as the FDLE, or federal agency; and,

3) Copy of any replies, including emails or any telephonic references, to any referral or inquiry by you or your office from any other state agency, such as the FDLE, or federal agency regarding my above referenced letters and videocassette.

Should you deny my request, or any part of the request, please state in writing the basis for the denial, including the exact statutory citation authorizing the denial, as required by s. 119.07(2), F.S.

I will contact your office within one week to discuss when I may expect fulfillment of my request, and payment of any statutorily prescribed fees. If you have any questions in the interim, you may contact me at 850/547-2254 or by email at Please acknowledge receipt of this Public Records Request. Thank you.


Joe Keegan

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