Friday, March 16, 2007

Full Employment

A number of people laughed that I was keeping half the Holmes County Sheriff's Department employed, as well as good number of FDLE officers and FL Highway Patrol (For the record, Alabama law enforcement was involved as well). Anyone- excluding law enforcement- who followed me around for a day might agree with that assessment. Realize that I have no criminal record or connections to anyone engaged in any criminal activities, especially drugs. I'm an average American peasant. For some reason my police escorts- local, county, and state- have resummed within the past month. Typically this illegal harassment is either to: 1)let you know that "we're watching you," 2)"intelligence" gathering; 3)defamation by follow you in after one of your stops to "investigate" you, thereby scaring the crap out anyone who talked to the dangerous criminal that just left; 4)intimidatation; or 5)else provocation. Typically the squad cars/SUV's/vans/pick-ups triagulate and meet or pass by you at intersections. The bolder ones sometimes will follow you or a family member into a store or business. There's a different "feel" about this renewed harassment, however. I get a sense of desperation on their part. They speed by at the intersections now and they don't pull up behind and around me as before. In the past, as many as three or four squad cars would be involved at one time along one stretch of road for a limited period of time. Now it's only one. Budget cuts? Hmmm, I wonder what's up?

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