Sunday, May 13, 2007

Office of the Governor Citizen Services

The body of the text from the letter, dated May 9, 2007, that I
received from the Governor's office in response to my Petition appears

Dear Mr. Keegan

Thank you for contacting Governor Charlie Crist requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor. Governor Crist appreciates your concerns and asked me to respond on his behalf.

Florida law gives the Governor the authority to assign outside prosecutors in the interest of justice. This authority is appropriate in unusual situations, typically when the state attorney informs the Governor there is a conflict of interest within the office, and he or she cannot be impartial. This authority, however, is not designed to allow the Governor to review or second-guess the actions of the state attorney.

I understand your concerns have been reviewed by local law enforcement,your locally elected state attorney's office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Office of Inspector General and the Chief Inspector General's Office. I am sorry you are dissatisfied with their response.

The Florida Constitution limits the Governor's intervention in matters that should be resolved through the court system. The person who can best answer you legal questions is an attorney. If you need assistance in locating an attorney, please call the Florida Bar's Referral Services at 1-800-342-8011. For those unable to afford a lawyer, Florida Legal Services or you local legal aid office has information about theavailability of pro bono counsel. The main telephone number for Florida Legal Services is 850-385-7900.

Thank you again for writing. Governor Crist hopes you concerns can be resolved to your satisfaction.

(signed) Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services

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