Monday, March 31, 2008

FBI Patriot Act Abuse

I left a message early this morning on the FBI FOIPA Public Information Officer's answering machine to either tell me the date of my FOIPA request that Section Chief Hardy assigned Request No. 1111513-000 or fax me the first page of my request. Interestingly enough I received another letter- this one dated March 19, 2008- in this afternoon's mail from Section Chief Hardy acknowledging receipt of my Nov. 20, 2007 FOIPA request to the Jacksonville Field Office. The request was assigned to FBIHQ for handling and assigned Request No. 1111513, so it's the one that Hardy's March 25, 2008 reply letter said there's no record of me or my complaint to the FBI Jacksonville Field Office.

The difference between Hardy's March 19 and March 25 letters is telling. The March 19, 2008 letter is in 12 point type and double-spaced between lines and apparently signed with Hardy's rubber-stamp. The March 25, 2008 letter is in 10 point type and single-spaced between lines. Beneath Hardy's rubber stamped signature there's the initials 'EM.' The similarities are also telling- both sent from the same zip code 22602 and both postmarked March 25, 2008.

I sent my original complaint and evidence as well as my FOIPA request requesting same to the FBI Jacksonville Field Office EXPRESS MAIL and although the FBI signed for both envelopes they don't have any record of my complaint and denied receiving my original FOIPA request. Anyone get the feeling that FIB is covering up for Florida law enforcement? Hmmmm, I wonder what agency those two twenty somethings dressed in camo that a sedan with Leon County- Tallahassee- plates has been dropping off late at night along these country roads belong to?

At any rate Request No. 1111513-000 seems to be- at least for the moment- my Nov. 20, 2007 FOIPA request to the Jacksonville FBI Field Office, which means that the FBI hasn't assigned a Request Number to my FOIPA requesting copies of my complaint and evidence that I sent to FBI Director Mueller.


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