Thursday, September 25, 2008

US DOJ Special Litigation Section

Last week I received an interesting letter, dated August 25, 2008, from Glynis Raval, DOJ Special Litigation Section, Civil Rights Division, following FBI Dir. Mueller's testimony before the US Senate. She thanked me for my unidentified correspondence and cited the applicable USC sections for their authority. I had sent a letter with evidence to FBI Director Mueller requesting an investigation. If I remember correctly, I believe that it was the FBI Civil Rights CID chief that eventually replied and told me (my words) to buzz off. So I sent a letter to Ms. Raval thanking her for her letter and asking what correspondence that she was referencing. Since Ms. Raval didn't reply to my recent letter, I faxed a FOIA/PA to the DOJ's Civil Rights Division requesting copies all correspondence both to and from Special Litigation.

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