Saturday, March 07, 2009

Camera shy?

Around 11:50 am this morning, March 7, 2009, two white males average height in their late 30's to 40's and somewhat in shape for law enforcement (my guess)ran and got into a black pickup truck and drove off quickly. It wasn't normal. They didn't want to be seen or more likely photographed (TIP: If you didn't run, you wouldn't have been noticed. Also, another TIP: when you follow someone into a store, try to have a prop- like a shopping cart or basket, preferably with something in it). I'd guess that they were FDLE or from some agency at FDLE's request. Recently, a neighbor told me that "they want your meat." Hmm, I wonder if it had anything to do with that "UPS" package that I didn't touch and then disappeared after a few days as mysteriously as it was delivered to the wrong address and addressee? At any rate, the stalking and bizarre incidents (even by my standards)have intensified since that Judge refused to talk to me and now appear to be approaching a crescendo. I hope that they don't have another SWAT raid on the agenda. One stooge on a website wrote regarding such raids that they'll first shoot and ask questions later the next time.

About a week or so ago, Coast to Coast AM had a program on ELECTRONIC INVASION. I thought that I could contribute to it, because it wouldn't be sanitized like these posts. At the risk of seeming presumptuous, I'd probably be entertaining. Unfortunately, the program is so popular I couldn't get in on any line- toll free or wild care- despite repeatedly trying. The stalking and bizarre incidents have gone off the scale since that show.

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