Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My reply to Assistant Attorney General Wilson

I've pasted in below my May 22, 2009 email reply to Assistant Attorney General Wilson's May 13, 2009 reply to my charges. This is the reply that the Attorney General's Office referenced in their email reply that I posted yesterday.

Dear Assistant Attorney General Wilson,

Thank you for your reply. Are you telling me that although I notified both you and Attorney General Bill McCollum of my charges of criminal misconduct by Florida law enforcement and a publicly regulated utility that neither one of you is legally required to forward my charges to someone that can address them? I didn’t ask the OAG to investigate my charges, but rather I only reported them to the Attorney General. Coincidentally,Jamie McLaughlin, the top cop that I charged with official misconduct suddenly and unexpectedly resigned the day after the USPS confirmed delivery of my letter to the FL OAG. Apparently, he may have believed that the FL OAG would do something.

The FDLE OIG has an inherent conflict of interest in investigating my charges. Kim Likens from the Governor's OIG left a message to call her. Ms. Likens told me that her boss, Dawn Case, wanted her to call me and tell me that she had forwarded my letter to the Governor regarding my charges to FDLE IG Al Dennis. Ms. Likens said that this matter belongs with the FDLE. FDLE OIG Inspector Keith Wilmer called me a short time afterwards. Inspector (Criminal Investigator) Wilmer said that his call was in response to an email (from Dawn Case) to FDLE IG Dennis and that he didn't know anything other than that or about my letter to then Gov. Bush. FDLE OIG Criminal Investigator Dennis lied. Inspector Wilmer said that he was calling about an email that he received from IG Dennis regarding a law enforcement tracking device. Criminal Investigator Wilmer denied that he had any other prior knowledge of my complaint. Mr. Wilmer then proceeded to quote verbatim my correspondence to Gov. Bush and others, indicating a prior knowledge. When Mr. Wilmer's conversation grew increasingly silly, I asked him if there were any Florida law enforcement bugs on the utility poles servicing the house and grounds. Wilmer said that he didn't know. Besides being expensive, these electronic surveillance
devices are serialized and inventoried. A simple accounting will prove my charges, as well as some evidence and testimony that the FDLE and State Attorney’s office withheld in my neighbors’ drug trial.

Regarding your suggestion that I request that Governor Crist appoint a “special prosecutor” outside the 14th Judicial District: Doesn’t the state attorney of that Judicial Circuit have to request to be excused? Considering that State Attorney Hess refuses to reply to my Florida Public Records Request, isn’t it silly to expect this same state attorney to request to be excused or allow a truly independent “special prosecutor” to investigate my charges? Considering that State Attorney Hess has refused to respond to my Public Records Request, I find it unlikely that he would agree to the voluntary mediation that you suggested. I’m asking you the following question in your official position of Assistant Attorney General: Is State Attorney Hess’ refusal to respond to my Florida Public Records
Request an impeachable offense?

Regarding your suggestion that I consult a private attorney: I have suspicions that those private attorneys that were involved in this matter were tampered with, and, furthermore, no licensed attorney who wishes to continue practicing law in Florida will even talk to me following the initial contact.

Again, thank you for your reply and suggestions. If you have any
questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, so that we can
resolve this matter. Thank you.

Joe Keegan

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