Monday, August 24, 2009


It seems that someone has delegated this issue. I experienced two incidents over the past two days which I haven’t experienced in years. I suspect that they may have something to do with my email to Ms. Smith. The last time similar incidents preceded a federal criminal investigator charging me with USC 1001. I turned around and charged the criminal investigator with similar and additional charges in both federal and state courts. However, it’s a one-way street. They get to “charge” you, but you don’t get to “charge” them. Besides who gets to do the charging, what was the difference between our charges? I could prove mine and he couldn’t prove his. The criminal investigated fabricated his entire investigation upon which he based his charges and then repeatedly perjured himself. His “charges” disappeared.

What concerns me is this morning’s incident. I drove into Bonifay to pick up some supplies. After my first stop, I made a second and then a final one. I pulled into the parking lot on my final stop and parked close to the store, but away from the other cars. In line at the checkout, I noticed a person with what appeared to be a beeper. The person was totally out of place, and was hanging near the office by the registers, so I figured a sales rep or tech. The person was also starring in my direction. When I glanced up in that direction again, I noticed that the person was still starring and that no one from the office had gone out to meet this person. As I paid the cashier, this person left the building without having met with anyone or buying anything. I left the store and headed over to the newspaper vending machines. I observed that this person had gotten in a small blue car parked next to mine, which indicates that this person arrived after me and chose to park next to my vehicle. What concerned me was that this person saw me at the vending machines and instead of turning right and onto the highway, turned left headed straight at me, and then turned and headed to the highway. If this was any question as to how I looked before, there isn’t now.

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Cathy said...

Sir, do me a favor and calm down. Everything you have written is a waste of your time. The recent attempt to stop your posts is simply because we have uncovered here in Florida the very people, you are complaining to are involved in the spying themselves. Its not an overly brilliant plan, and had you stepped back you would have seen what was transpiring. Simple good old fashioned corrupt politics in Florida. You wrote Crist, you wrote the AG, you wrote the Judges, trouble is they 'forgot' to tell you FDLE has been utilizing the Homeland Security dedicated file systems FOR these very politicians. Crist was found to have helped instigate them to hide illegal and unethical acts of himself as a politician and his comrades as politicians. They are enjoying your complete misery as they watch it. And each party you contact are enjoying your complete misery. In Florida even the Legislators have tapped into this interstate, across the board good ol boy lets get ourselves elected and hide what we do by the use of these spy systems. Go up to Baltimore, MD, check out ACLU's lawsuit. There are more. These are not brilliant people doing diabolical, these are idiots with no other way to get elected. It is not a testimony of their mental diabolical status, it is a testimony of their inadequacy in America to resort to such use. Jeb Bush started it in Florida under the Homeland Security act of The Executive Order. Charlie Crist added to it, FDLE is the Hound dog.
It amuses them to see people like you run in circles while they sit on these dumb boards letting it happen. We suspect now the Legistlatures across the US are tapping into this 'free' let me get elected by targeting those that expose our corruption scheme. Remember years ago they thought Hoover was all powerful until they uncovered he was nothing more than a Drag Queen furthering his political career. My suggestion push ACLU in Florida to get off their tush and do something here, or close office and get out of Florida.