Saturday, December 16, 2006

Public Records Request

Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis wrote that his "inquiries" failed
to substantiate any of my claims (remember, this statement is in
response to a Public Records Request). I charged Florida law
enforcement officers with illegal electronic surveillance and provided
the Hon. Steve Meadows with a VHS tape proving my charges. I've
requested a copy of my "closed file" to see if Mr. Lewis pulled the
answers to his inquiries out of thin air or some place else. Once again, Mr. Lewis, did you or didn't you view the videotape? It's a simple question.

CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT # 7006 0810 0005 0531 0903


December 16, 2006

State Attorney’s Office
421 Magnolia Avenue,
Panama City, FL 32401,
Attention: Erica Field.
Fax: 850-747-5863

Pursuant to Article I, section 24, of the Florida Constitution, and Chapter 119,
F.S, I am requesting a copy of my entire closed case file, which Mr.Lewis referenced in his letter, dated December 6, 2006. In his letter,dated December 6, 2006, Mr. Lewis wrote: “Dear Mr.Keegan , All inquiries by this office have failed to substantiate any of your claims. Absent any credible evidence this office is closing our file.” I am requesting any and all documents, records,memoranda ,correspondence, Internet emails, and notes and records from any telephonic discussions related to Mr. Lewis’ “inquiries.” I am requesting any and all records andmemoranda regarding the State Attorney Office’s review and findings of the VHS videotape that I submitted as evidence of illegal electronic surveillance by Florida law enforcement. In addition, I am requesting a check of the State Attorney Office’s public contact databases, including Internet email, and requesting printouts of these records, i.e., intake forms, Internet email, and tracking documents for postal correspondence.

I will contact your office within one week to discuss when I may expect fulfillment of my request, and payment of any statutorily prescribed fees. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Joe Keegan

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