Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Freedom of Information Privacy Act (FOIPA) Requests

In August, I filed two FOIPA requests with the FBI. I filed one with FBI HQ and one with the Jacksonville, FL, Field Office. The USPS verified delivery of both. FBI HQ acknowledged theirs and assigned Request No.: 1091663-000 to it. Today I received FBI HQ's response: "No records responsive to your FOIPA request were located by a search of the automated and manual indices. If you desire a search of the Field Office files, you must contact the appropriate Field Office." David M. Hardy, Section Chief, Record/Information Dissemination Section Records Management Division signed the response. Mr. Hardy's letter was dated Sept. 21, 2007, postmarked Sept. 28, 2007, and received today, Oct. 3, 2007.

Unfortunately, Jacksonville FBI still hasn't even acknowledged my FOIPA request never mind responded to it. For that matter, the Jacksonville FBI Field Office hasn't responded to my inquiries regarding my FOIPA request, either.

I guess my earlier complaint regarding illegal electronic surveillance by FL law enforcement that I filed with the Jacksonville FBI Field Office is so secret that I'm not even supposed to know about it.

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