Wednesday, October 31, 2007


While attending to some chores up front this morning, I noticed a WFEC bucket truck speed by heading south on Will Lee Road around 8:10 am. Just as the truck passed me, I heard it skid to a stop just out of view behind some trees. I don't know if they locked the brakes on not, but I heard a breaking skid on the dirt road. The truck then slowly moved up to the utility pole where they had installed the additional transformer yesterday. Earlier this morning I had checked their previous day's work on the pole and I noticed that they didn't run the drop line from the newly installed transformer to the trailor, but rather had connected a line from it to the original transformer. Apparently this new transformer, which they installed above the original on the same utility pole, is a step-up or booster transformer to accomodate the additional energy requirements of two residences. I'm surprised they hadn't installed it earlier. The truck, however, didn't stop, but instead made a U-Turn and sped north back in the direction that they had come.

Around 8:35 am, the same truck returned, but this time stopped at the pole. The driver and his assistant got out, the driver got in the bucket, and raised the bucket to the transformers. I saw him put on the heavy utility gloves and he also had a pole to disconnect the line, then make some quick adjustments, but I didn't see everything because of the angle and distance. I then watched as he drew back and appeared to "contemplate" the pole. After about 5 minutes, I got tired of watching and left. When I returned a short time later around 8:55 am, they had left. I hope that they finished whatever it was that they were doing. It certainly turned into a project. Well, at least, WFEC's CEO & VP wasn't supervising this time.

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