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FBI Director Robert Mueller

The USPS verified delivery of my letter (Receipt Number: EB 390615975US) addressed to FBI Director Robert Mueller. According to the USPS's Track & Confirm, "Your item was delivered at 3:07 AM on December 14, 2007 in WASHINGTON, DC 20535 to FBI 20535 PU . The item was signed for by M SIMON." I pasted in the text of my letter below.

December 11, 2007

Director – Robert S. Mueller, III
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Director Mueller,

I’m notifying you in your official capacity as the Director of the FBI of continuing and on-going violations of my civil rights and official police misconduct, including illegal electronic surveillance and harassment, by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Holmes County (HC) Sheriff’s Department, and the West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) Association. I am requesting that the FBI investigate my charges and supply me with a report of the investigation. The enclosed VHS videotape, which I discuss below, is more than enough evidence to warrant a FBI investigation of my charges.

State and county law enforcement officers illegally arranged with WFEC employees for the illegal electronic surveillance devices’ installation on the two utility poles servicing the house and grounds. Both utility poles are located on private property and are not on the public roadway. The audio/video surveillance devices are capable of “bugging” between 20-40 square acres, have serial ID #’s, and are inventoried. Florida Law Enforcement Officers also arranged for the illegal installation of a remotely activated tracking device in one vehicle and supplied neighbors with a remote control to activate the device whenever they saw me leave.

Three electronic surveillance experts all verified illegal FL law enforcement "bugs" on the two utility poles servicing the house and grounds, but refused to supply their reports. The first one, Diop Kamau, said that law enforcement would arrest me if he supplied the report. Both Mr. Kamau and his employee, Doug Jones, subsequently denied saying this, but still didn’t supply their report. Mr. Kamau obtained his Florida Private Investigator’s license after failing to provide his signed report. The second one, Jim Toth, confirmed that law enforcement installed a tracking device in one vehicle and identified Audio Surveillance Devices (AIDs) as the supplier of the surveillance devices on the utility poles, but said that he would lose his FL PI license if he supplied his report. Mr. Toth agreed to be videotaped while he conducted his Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) “sweep,” and I videotaped him refusing to check the utility pole in the backyard for any surveillance devices. Mr. Toth said that only law enforcement would install a device on the utility poles because there are too many easier places to put them. Mr. Toth said that the police had installed a GPS remotely activated tracking device in the mini-van. He also said that the authorities have a warrant and will have to tell me about it within 30 days. I observed Mr. Toth scramble the video image he obtained on his OSCOR’s screen and then remark that there’s a video camera nearby, but he couldn’t get an image. The third expert, Jim Ross, had a conflict of interest, which he didn’t disclose. Mr. Ross is a close personal friend of Mr. G. Gordon Liddy. Mr. Liddy is the founder of the Liddy Foundation, which assumed the mission of the National Intelligence Academy (NIA) after Hurricane Andrew destroyed AID’s facility in Homestead, FL (AIDs was sold sometime ago and NIA spun off). Ross also said in reference to Florida law enforcement, “They want to be in charge.”

Former FL Gov. Bush suggested that I bring any evidence of my charges to my state attorney. I sent State Attorney Steve Meadows a VHS videotape (copy enclosed) in which recorded audio phenomenon that two TSCM experts said was indicative of electronic surveillance was pronounced. The amplification and reverberation of the dog’s barking and the sounds of a low flying helicopter recorded in the VHS tape copy indicative of electronic surveillance. Additional examples of this phenomenon are demonstrated in the enclosed VHS tape. Although not a TSCM expert, a sibling who is a Ph.D., PE indicated that the sound appears caused by some type of advanced technology. I also sent State Attorney Steve Meadows a copy of an email, dated Dec. 3, 2004 (attached) from my neighbor, which tends to verify my version of events. Since all state law enforcement and related agencies refused to investigate, I sent a copy of the VHS tape and my charges to US Rep. Jeff Miller and requested his help. US Rep Miller found the VHS tape to be compelling evidence of my charges. In his November 14, 2005 letter (see attached), he encouraged me to contact my State Representative, Donald Brown, for help. I contacted Rep. Brown, but I never received any reply until late in the afternoon of November 30, 2005 (see attached). Earlier that morning retired FDLE Agent Betty Romminger visited the Holmes’ County library to research some articles regarding a bungled FDLE drug bust. This drug bust and subsequent arrests are in part responsible for the FDLE’s refusal to investigate my charges. The judge declared a mistrial in that case because the State Attorney and FDLE withheld evidence and testimony. I suspect that this withheld evidence and testimony would prove my charges.

The evidence that my state rep’s assistant, Mr. Drake, referred to in his email is the VHS videotape. I contacted the respective I.G.s. On June 20, 2006, I emailed IG Harper and courtesy-copied IG Al Dennis offering to meet with them together or separately. IG Dennis replied that he forwarded my inquiry to FDLE Executive Investigations for review. Former FDLE Executive Investigations Director Jamie McLaughlin previously dismissed my earlier complaints with the pretext: “There does not appear to be a criminal predicate which would warrant investigation by the Office of Executive Investigations.” The former Director lied and officially sanctioned a cover-up. Within two days of receipt of my complaint by then FL AG Charlie Crist’s office, a FDLE Executive Investigation was initiated and Director McLaughlin resigned purportedly over charges regarding what could be considered a form of sexual harassment. According to the FDLE Executive Investigation’s report, the victim was a subordinate with whom the Director had an affair with for a number of years.

By letter, dated June 26, 2006, I notified Governor Bush that I had contacted both IG’s per my State Rep’s suggestion and shared my concerns regarding FDLE Executive Investigations’ good faith in investigating my charges. Ms. Kim Likens from the Governor's OIG phoned and left a message Monday (July 3, 2006) morning to call her. I returned her call later that afternoon and left a message. Ms. Likens called back and told me that her boss, Dawn Case, wanted her to call me and tell me that she had forwarded my letter to the Governor to FDLE IG Al Dennis earlier in the day (see attached). Likens said that this matter belongs with the FDLE. Later that same afternoon (July 3, 2006), FDLE Criminal Investigator (Inspector) Keith Wilmer called me. Director of Investigations Case’s early morning referral to the FDLE IG apparently prompted Inspector Wilmer’s call later that afternoon.

Inspector Wilmer denied that he saw earlier letters regarding this matter. However, Inspector Wilmer repeatedly quoted my earlier correspondence verbatim. When Inspector Wilmer’s questioning became silly, I asked him directly: Are there FL law enforcement bugs on the utility poles? Inspector Wilmer said that he did not know. Criminal Investigator Wilmer then told me to have WFEC check their poles and transformers quoting the exact text that I used in my initial letter to WFEC VP & CEO William Rimes requesting a search. Wilmer also instructed me to have a FL licensed mechanic search for the transponder in the mini-van. Later he refused to say whether or not he viewed a copy of the VHS videotape.

On September 5, 2006, I received an email from the FL OAG replying to my inquiry if I should file a Public Records Request with the OAG or the SAO for records in possession of the SAO. I sent an earlier Public Records Request to SA Steve Meadows’ office for a copy of all records in his files regarding this matter, but I never received any reply. The USPS verified that the SAO received my request, which suggests that SA Meadows ignored it. The OAG’s email instructed that I should submit such a request to the state attorney’s office, indicating that I had filed my earlier request with the correct office. On Sept. 8, 2006 a clerk in the SAO emailed that Mr. Lewis, Chief Assistant State Attorney (Florida’s 14th Judicial District) asked her to respond to my previously ignored Public Records Request. She said that she never received a request and that I should send another, which I did. I later received a letter, dated October 2, 2006, from Mr. Lewis in which he questioned my credibility and refused to answer my question whether or not he, his boss, or newly hired SAO Investigator Guy Tunnel viewed the VHS tape. Governor Bush had sent a copy of one of my complaints to former FDLE Guy Tunnel, who never replied. I later received a letter, dated 12-6-06 from Chief Assistant State Attorney William A. Lewis (see attached), which stated that there was no basis to my charges. A subsequent FL Public Records Request to the SAO for Assistant State Attorney Lewis’ “inquiries” file produced little and omitted a lot. In addition, I filed numerous Public Records Requests with both the FDLE and Sheriff’s Dept., which didn’t reveal any records of any official investigations. “Off the books” investigations and “informal inquiries” are employed to smear and discredit someone’s charges of official misconduct while serving to threaten and intimidate witnesses. As a matter of fact, the FDLE even went to a family member’s place of employment during one of these endless “investigations” on a pretext that she was a “pot head,” but did not speak to her. Her superiors, when they could stop laughing, told her what the cops said. There was no reason for this cowardly inexcusable abuse of authority by so-called law enforcement officers other than an attempt to smear and defame in order to cover-up their criminal conduct and abuse of authority.

State Attorney Steve Meadows is obstructing justice by covering up FL law enforcement officers’ criminal misconduct and abuse of authority. This is at least the second set of such electronic surveillance devices installed by WFEC under the direction of Florida law enforcement and other state officials. WFEC removed the first set under the protection of FDLE officials. In reply to my initial request for help identifying any authorized or unauthorized listening devices connected to any of their equipment servicing my residence, WFEC VP and CEO William S. Rimes wrote that he took my charges seriously and forwarded my letter to HC Sheriff Dennis Lee for action. The Sheriff’s first contact was about two weeks later when an FDLE helicopter hovered over the house late one evening for more than ½ hr purportedly searching for a neighbor who the FDLE attempted to arrest that evening. Sheriff Dennis Lee was in that FDLE helicopter piloted by his first cousin. In addition to a powerful searchlight, a large infrared device mounted under the helicopter assisted in their late night “search.” Earlier in the day, an FDLE Agent disguised as a Federal Express driver delivered a 3.5 lb. package of meth to my neighbor’s wife. My neighbor arrived home as the bust was in progress, grabbed the package that his wife signed for, and escaped with the evidence. He outran a lot of FDLE agents in his escape. The FDLE returned later that evening on the pretext of apprehending him at his home. However, the entire event was staged in an attempt to provoke a violent incident with me and remove their illegal “bugs” in the aftermath. When I didn’t react as my “profilers” anticipated, the Sheriff ordered the agents to storm the grounds in hot pursuit of an imaginary fugitive in an attempt to provoke another incident. The FDLE arrested my neighbor’s wife on drug and theft charges and later arrested my neighbor on the same charges when he turned himself into authorities.

Sometime later when I stopped an attempt by a WFEC utility crew to open the locked front gate to gain access in order to surreptitiously remove the bugs, the crew foreman summoned the Sheriff. A young deputy who had not been certified yet as a FL LEO arrived to assure access for the crew. The foreman fortunately agreed to reschedule the inspection, which was subsequently canceled. Sometime after this incident, I talked to this same foreman and his superior, Russell Dunaway, at the front gate. They both consented to be videotaped. They said that they were upgrading service and would have to replace the two transformers (containing the illegal “bugs”) on the property within a month or else disconnect power. I asked Mr. Dunaway if he knew anything about any illegal electronic surveillance devices on their poles. He said that he had no knowledge and that they’re not in the electronic surveillance equipment business. My questioning irritated Mr. Dunaway as he turned beet red (visible in the video). He then added that I put the device on the pole myself.

Two months later, a large contingent of WFEC employees arrived to “upgrade” services by replacing the two transformers, containing the illegal surveillance devices, with new ones. The foreman agreed for the operation to be videotape. WFEC CEO & VP William Rimes oversaw the work from the road. Rimes became visibly upset when I recognized him and videotaped him. Although they again agreed to conduct a search for illegal devices, once in they refused to search as agreed or even open the lightening arresters and fuses on the transformers. Moreover, they insisted that the lightening arrester was solid and could not be opened, which was a lie. The crew foreman threatened to call the Sheriff and have me arrested if I searched their equipment myself. I asked this foreman if he intended to reuse this transformer with the implication for surveillance purposes, and he replied that he had just the place for it. They replaced the existing transformers with new ones and left.

In his August 14, 2007 letter (copy enclosed), the Honorable Jeff Miller wrote: “I am confident that if the agency finds merit in your allegations or have further questions, they will be in touch with you. Do understand that as a matter under the Privacy Act, the agencies may not be able to report back to your or even confirm any action taken.” I don’t understand Representative Miller’s comments. I wrote the Jacksonville FBI Field Office in June charging the FDLE and HC Sheriff’s Department with illegal electronic surveillance and harassment, but still haven’t received even an acknowledgment. As FBI Director, please explain what the Honorable is talking about, because it doesn’t make any sense to any rational person. The Fourth Amendment is either still the law or it isn’t. Whose privacy is being protected? I filed a straightforward complaint, so why haven’t I been able to get a straight answer? Are my charges legitimate or aren’t they?

FL law enforcement and the 14th District SAO have an inherent conflict of interest in investigating my charges. FDLE Executive Investigations, the department that is entrusted with insuring the integrity of FL LEO’s, is in fact covering up just as the SAO. Consequently, I’m requesting that the FBI help to end this egregious violation of my civil rights as well as others by FL law enforcement officers, who apparently believe that the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply to them. I’ll provide additional video and audiotapes, documents, and witnesses to prove my charges. Please advise by December 31, 2007 as to whether or not you intend to investigate my charges. Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Keegan

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"Caught in the Circle"
post #322 mc

This is speculation but I was talking to someone in the military one time about what I've been through. When I mentioned the weapons this person acknowledged that the military had all of that and more. This person said, "you don't want to get caught in the circle"
I thought about that phrase. I did some google searches on it and found references to satanic worshipers with the pentagon and the circle surrounding it, where spells are cast. There were also some references surprisingly to a person continually being set up by Seattle Washington police. Nothing definite though. Then on the FFCH news letter Joe Keegan wrote about being under surveillance by police which is always what I believe was happening to me. A not so secret surveillance meant to torment more than anything else.
He calls investigators about surveillance cameras on the electrical pole on his property. They tell him stuff off the record then won't admit to it later or write it down. They say they will loose their license if they do. Then he contacts officials who suggest he contact other officials who after being contacted and sent information deny receiving the information then ask that it be sent again and then say they can't help try this other department and it goes on and on and on. This was in Florida so Jeb Bush was also in the procession. I guess the last letter written was to the head of the FBI where he describes how he has been lead around by the nose.
So I may have finally figured it out, once you are in the circle and there must be a list of names, no political officials, government offices, law enforcement, the attorney general or anyone else can record your complaints or give you assistance. You are lead around by the nose and your time and efforts wasted wasted, because we believe the system is supposed to work and we try to follow the rules. This also means crimes can be committed against, you, your property stolen and authorities will just run you around until you are jobless, homeless. on SSI and alone. You are lost in a never ending circle passed from police to state police, to the attorney general to the FBI and then told by the FBI that your local police who committed the crimes to begin with have jurisdiction. I realize so many TIs don't even know they are TIs, they are caught in a never ending nightmare.
I guess it's like being black balled,shunned, character assassinated, falsely arrested involuntarily committed all together. If this isn't what this person meant it would be a pretty good description, "Caught in the circle".
The only thing they really fear is when we collect evidence, I can only assume some court rooms are still judged based on our laws.

Peter Rosenholm

Apocalypto said...

Your experience of attempting to find a remedy by utilizing the "system" is fruitless.

We live in a fascist state and none of the facists are going to help you. They are drunk with power and those of us who are targeted have no recourse.

I was stalked endlessly here in Florida until I armed myself and let it be known in no uncertain terms that I would use Florida's aggravated stalking law as a defense against them. This law allows a citizen to utilize deadly force against a stalker if he believes his life or personal safety to be in peril.

I recently chased a stalker down after a thrilling vehicular chase through a residential neighborhood. We had a little chat, and I told him that I would kill him if I ever saw him again. He had been parking his blacked out pickup on a dead end street adjacent to my home. I had caught him at least four times and one evening had the oportunity to chase him down.

I also anonounced to the bugs in my house and on my phones that I would kill him if he returned, and that I had loaded a special round with "stalker" written on the case. He has not returned, and if he does, I will blow his shit all over the inside of his truck cab.

These people are devout cowards and when one goes pro-active, they back down.

I am still subjected to erratic electronic attack, but the stalkers now very rarely appear.

nancy said...

I am a 66 yo woman who was fired from an IL State job concerning children the circle harrassment is happening to me and I am having a tough time holding on. any advice would be helpful. I also may be able to help someone else as we learn from this.

RichardD said...

The FBI will NOT investigate such issues because it can LEGALLY only do so by order of US Attorney-General for investigating cases for prosecution of Federal crimes.

I went to the FBI regional headquarters in Denver about CONSTANT nuisance phone calls at my private UNpublished phone numbers from all over the country, after the FCC and the FTC REFUSED to investigate them. The FBI simply ignored the complaint.

THEY won't help you, but THEY will hinder AND hurt you.

RichardD said...

The post above was submitted by me back in 2011 when I was resident in Boulder Colorado. Due to an excessive amount of harassment, I have since moved to Washington DC. While here in DC a curious thing happened involving the FBI Director Robert Meuller. On 2/20/13I received a spam email from Mr. Robert S. Mueller's email address :

"ATTENTION BENEFICIARY: This is to officially inform you that it has come to our notice as we had thoroughly completed an investigation with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System , which report stated that there are illegal tranactions with you and some imposters claiming to be Prof. Charles C. Soludo of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza,others are officials in banks such as Oceanic Bank, Zenith Bank, with other banks listed in our report; while some imposters claimed to be Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, and E.F.C.C. and ICPC agents... Moreover, we notice that you have not fulfilled your financial obligation in respect of your contract/inheritance payment... With the Federal Bureau of Investigation involvement in this transaction, you are now rest assured that this transaction is legitimate and completely risk-free; our duty is to protect and serve citizens of the United States and other parts of the world... You are hereby authorized/guaranteed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to commence towards completing this transaction as there shall be NO delay once payment for the approval slip has been made to the authorized agent... immediately contact us back for more investigation for conffirmation of your ATM card. Both offices are working 24 hours to get this project complete." It was signed by Robert S. Mueller, FBI "Executive Director".

I then addressed a question to Mr. Mueller about this at the given email address. INSTEAD of a reply I merely got a biography of himself addressed to my email from
It came with a purported postal address of:
WASHINGTON DC 20535-0001 and the FBI website address of
I then submitted a certified postal mail complaint about the situation to Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector-General of the Department of Justice, from which I have not received a response.
That was back in May. Mueller is scheduled to retire in September, next month. Apparently the FBI regards this as a joke and Mueller apparently his playing a "parting prank" but I will follow this up with an email to them and further expose it to other organizations to help me in the larger "targeted" situation that I am dealing with!