Friday, December 12, 2008

US Senate Judicicary Committee

The USPS verified delivery of my EXPRESS MAIL envelope tracking #: EH 222975937 US at 11:08 AM on December 12, 2008 in WASHINGTON, DC 20510 to SENATE 20510 R6 . The item was signed for by E TURNER. A copy of the text of my letter follows:

December 11, 2008

Chairman Patrick J. Leahy
United States Senate
Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

“When just one of us loses just one of our rights, then the freedoms of all of us are diminished.” - FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Re: FBI oversight

Dear Chairman Leahy,

Despite FBI Director Mueller’s assurances, there are no effective controls to prevent the inevitable abuses resulting from the recent changes to DOJ regulations that would allow state and local law enforcement agencies to collect intelligence on individuals and or-ganizations even if the information is unrelated to any criminal activity. Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have an inherent conflict of interest in investigating themselves and each other. These changes are too open to deliberate misinterpretation and abuse by those with the will to do so. 28 C.F.R. Part 23 already provided all the direction necessary for law enforcement to do their job within the constraints of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights while keeping all of us safe from the real terrorists and criminals.

My situation is a case in point and serves as a model as to what to expect from these new regulations. After exhausting all administrative remedies with the State of Florida to resolve my charges of illegal electronic surveillance and harassment against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Holmes County Sheriff’s Department, and the West Florida Electric Co-Op, I filed a complaint with the FBI Jacksonville Field Office. When Jacksonville refused to reply to inquiries regarding the status of my complaint, I mailed a more detailed one, dated December 11, 2007, to FBI Director Mueller and included a copy of a VHS tape (enclosed). Electronic surveillance experts said that the audio phenomenon that I managed to record, such as the amplification and unnatural resonance of the dog’s barking and sound of the aircraft, is indicative of electronic surveillance. Earlier three other electronic surveillance experts all verified illegally mounted electronic surveillance devices on the utility poles servicing the house and grounds, but refused to supply their reports. One expert even identified the manu-facturer of the devices as Audio Intelligence Devices, a supplier to law enforcement and government agencies. When the FBI refused to reply to my complaints, I filed a number of FOIA/PA requests in order to get an acknowledgment of my charges by the FBI. However, the FBI denied having any records related to me or my charges, even though I mailed my complaints EXPRESS MAIL and FBI personnel signed for them. The Jacksonville Field Office even denied receiving my FOIA/PA Request.

I appealed the FBI’s "no record" responses. Deputy Chief Work of the Administrative Appeals Staff dismissed my appeals as "moot" and closed my appeal files, because both FBI HQ and the Jacksonville Field Offices denied having any records. She even dismissed an appeal that I hadn’t filed yet. Consequently, I filed two separate complaints, one under the Patriot Act, with the DOJ OIG charging FBI employees with misconduct. When the IG didn’t acknowledge my complaints, I filed a FOIA/PA request with the DOJ OIG seeking records related to my filed charges against named FBI employees. I received a "no records" response to my FOIA. The IG denied receiving my complaints.

Around this time period, I called FBI HQ mailroom, which easily tracked my EXPRESS MAIL letter to FBI Director Mueller and the room/unit where it was eventually delivered. I suspect that my phone call to the FBI mailroom and/or two complaints filed with the DOJ OIG charging the FBI with lying to cover-up and abuse of the Patriot Act may have prompted Civil Rights CID Chief Peeples’ reply. He returned my complaint and evidence addressed to FBI Dir. Mueller and wrote: "The allegations that you have brought to our attention do not warrant any action by the FBI."

My charges most certainly warrant the FBI’s action as a form of check and balances and oversight to state and local law enforcement abuses, especially in light of these new regulations. I’ve enclosed a copy of my letter, dated December 11, 2007, and evidence, including a VHS videotape, to FBI Director Mueller. I am requesting that the Senate Judiciary Committee investigate my charges and that you or your staff present my complaint directly to FBI Director Mueller for his reply. I began this letter with the following quote from Director Mueller: “When just one of us loses just one of our rights, then the freedoms of all of us are diminished.” I would like to know if he means what he said or are they just words.

Joe Keegan

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