Friday, January 16, 2009

Senate Judiciary Committee

Got off the phone a short while ago with Steve (they don't give last names)at the Senate Judiciary Committee. Steve said that they received and forwarded my letter and evidence to Counsel by "issue area (subject)." I asked what "issue area" or what Subcommittee. He said that he didn't know. I asked for Counsel's phone number. He said that he can't release it. I asked for the name of the Chief Counsel. He said that he can't give it. So I asked to speak to Chairman Leahy. He said that the Senator's busy. So I asked him to schedule an appointment. He said that he can't do that and that I'd have to call his office. I asked Steve what he thought of cover-ups. Steve said that he's against them.

I sent the following email to Senator Leahy requesting a brief telephonic appointment:
Dear Sen. Leahy,

I just got off the phone with Steve at the Senate Judiciary Committee. He confirmed that they received my packet regarding the FBI and illegal electronic surveillance that I sent to you last month and they forwarded it to counsel by issue area. Unfortunately, he couldn't give me a phone number for counsel, the issue area, or the name of the chief counsel. I requested that he connect me to you so that I may find out the status of my charges and evidence. He said that you're busy and he can't do that. So I asked him if he could schedule an appointment with you and he said no and that I'd have to call your office to do so. Since I'm not in your area code, I'm requesting 5 minute phone conversation with you to discuss this matter. I've listed
my address and phone number below. Thank you for your consideration.

Joe Keegan

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