Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Freedom of Unwarranted Surveillance Act

The Freedom of Unwarranted Surveillance Act-SB 92- passed the Florida State Senate Criminal Justice Committee and the next next Committee stop will be the Judiciary Committee. SB 92 is sponsored by Senator Joe Negron and would prohibit any law enforcement agency from using unmanned drones to gather evidence or other information with the exception of countering a high risk of a terrorist attack. SB 92 also prohibits the use of any evidence to be used in a court of law in violation of this law.

Last Friday I emailed links and/or the YouTube video itself to each member of the Judiciary Committee, as well as Senator Joe Negron. I received automatic confirmations of receipt of my emails from 4 of the Judiciary Committee members. I didn't receive any acknowledgement from the others. In my emails I encouraged the Senators to support SB 92 and to please take the 3 minutes to view the video. Drones aren't the only threat to privacy.

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