Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Legislative Delegation to Hold Public Hearing

Last Friday, January 25,2013, at 12:25 pm the Chipley paper posted  Legislative Delegation to Hold Public Hearings in Holmes and Washington County Yesterday, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, I appeared before the delegation, consisting of my state senator and representative,presented both with copies of SB 92 and HB 119, and a transcript of my Lawless America video . I previously had emailed   it to both, as well as number of Florida State Senators.
I read the following from a prepared script to the group:
Hello. My name is Joe Keegan and I live in Bonifay. North Bonifay. In the 2013 Legislative Session, I’d like to encourage you to support The “Freedom of Unwarranted Surveillance Act.” SB 92 is sponsored by Senator Joe Negron [ R-Stuart] and would prohibit any law enforcement agency from using unmanned drones to gather evidence or other information with the exception of countering a high risk of a terrorist attack. SB 92 also prohibits the use of any evidence to be used in a court of law in violation of this law. Representative Mitch Workman [ R-Melbourne] has filed an identical bill (HB 119) in the House. HB 119 is still waiting for Committee assignments.

It’s an important and necessary bill not only to insure the right of Florida citizens to be left alone, but also to prevent any “Law enforcement agency” from  going  on “fishing trips” for any code or regulatory violations that they can find to meet any revenue shortfalls.  It’s going to be very tempting for towns and cities with budgetary problems to do this in order to raise revenue. However, the only thing that this would accomplish is to anger and inconvenience a lot of people in an alread difficult economy.  The boys and girls have the hi-tech toys and they will abuse them. I’ve provided you with a transcript of a brief video that I sent to you earlier regarding such abuse. I hope that you got the chance to view it. Thank you for your time.

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