Monday, June 25, 2007

Two sets of laws?

Can the FDLE and FL's 14th District State Attorney's Office do whatever they please by ignoring the US Constitution and FL statutes? Do the same laws that they enforce against others apply to them? You be the Judge:

In response to a request for the West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) Association's help identifying any authorized or unauthorized devices on or connected to any of their lines, poles, transformers, or equipment servicing my residence WFEC V.P. and CEO, William S. Rimes wrote: "We take your concerns seriously and have taken the following actions based on your letter and telephone conversation with my Executive Assistant: First, the appropriate employees have been briefed and assure me that WFEC is not involved. Second, we have forwarded this correspondence to the Sheriff of Holmes County for appropriate action." In addition, I wrote US Rep Jeff Miller for help and sent him VHS videotape. Congressman Miller found my VHS videotape to be compelling evidence of my charges, and wrote: : "…Although this appears to be a federal issue, I believe that it is state related. You may contact your State Representative, Donald Brown…..I am confident he will able to help you." On the Congressman's advice I wrote State Rep. Brown. His assistant, Brad Drake, wrote back: " If you feel harmed by an agency, send a copy of evidence to the Inspector Generals of that agency and Governor's officer." I did. The Director of Investigations, Office of the Chief Inspector General, Dawn Case advised me that this is an FDLE matter and forwarded my correspondence to the FDLE. The FDLE and FL 14th Judicial District SAO, however, have an inherent conflict of interest and both deny that there is any basis to my charges and refuses to investigate and are covering up. The FDLE and SAO are liars.I sent the above referenced documents to the FBI.

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