Thursday, April 24, 2008

FBI Apples and Oranges II

I returned the FBI's call yesterday morning. Someone who had identified herself as with the FBI had left a message on Thursday, April 17, 2008, to call her if I had any questions regarding a "no-records" response to an FBI FOIPA Request. I decided to hold any questions, until I received the letter that she promised to remail. I received it, and had one question: what FOIPA Request was this "no response letter" in reference to? I haven't been able to get a staight answer, so I called the phone number that she left. The number belonged to the person who she identified herself as, but the recorded voice wasn't the same- or it least it didn't sound the same- as the one that left a message. This voice sounded much older and different from that of the earlier caller's voice. At any rate, I called and left a message with my name and number and requested that she tell me what FOIPA Request this "no records letter" addresses. I still haven't received a reply to this simple question.

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