Monday, April 21, 2008


I received the FBI no-record letter, dated March 25, 2008, today. Coincidentally, I also received today a letter, dated April 17, 2008, from Deputy Chief Administrative Appeals Staff Anne D. Work of the US DOJ Office of Information and Privacy in response to two earlier FOI Appeals. I've copied the text of the Deputy Chief's response below.

Re: Appeal Nos. 08-1501 & 08-1502
Request Nos. 1091663 & 1095794

Dear Mr. Keegan:

This responds to your letters dated February 11 and March 8, 2008, in which you attempted to appeal from the failure of the Headquarters Office and Jacksonville Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to respond to your requests for access to records pertaining to your correspondence with Director Robert S. Mueller III and "Jacksonville FBI documents."

The FBI responded to your requests by letters dated September 21, 2007, and November 7, 2007 (copies enclosed). Because the FBI responded to your requests, your appeals from the FBI's failure to respond are moot. Accordingly, I am closing your appeal files in this Office.

Anne D. Work
Deputy Chief
Administrative Appeals Staff


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