Thursday, April 24, 2008

FBI Apples and Oranges III

I returned home this afternoon just as an FBI employee was leaving a message on the answering machine. This was the same employee who had left an earlier message. In this message, she referenced the FBI's March 25, 2008 no records response and said that they had sent my request to FBI DC HQ and Jacksonville. I picked up the phone as she said that as far as she can tell that I made only one request for information on myself. I asked her what was the date of my request. She replied that it was dated January 5, 2008. I thanked her and asked if I could call her if I had any more questions. She said that it was okay. Apparantly all calls go through their central switchboard because she wasn't calling from the number that she had left previously.

I've pasted in below what I requested in my Jan. 5, 2008 FOIPA Request to Record Information/Dissemination Section (RIDS),Washington, DC. I filed separate and distinct requests with the FBI Jacksonville Field Office as required by FBI FOIA policies.

1) Any and all records of my communications and correspondence, including any VHS videotape, to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, regarding my letter, dated December 11, 2007, in which I charged violations of my civil rights and official police misconduct by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Holmes County Sheriff’s Department, and the West Florida Electric Cooperative Association. In my letter to FBI Director Mueller, I also requested an investigation and a report of the investigation;
2) I am requesting a copy of any FBI documents, notes, memos, and records attached or associated with my correspondence and/or case file, including logs, daily activity/time sheets, memos, intake forms, notes, quality control records, and processing records;
3) I am requesting a copy of any records, notes, and memos of any FBI DC Headquarters telephone calls or other communications to any other office or agency regarding my charges and request for an investigation; and,
4) Copy of FBI Agent’s case file regarding my charges of illegal electronic surveillance by the FDLE, Holmes County Sheriff’s Department, and/or any other agency, and the Agent’s Report of Investigation. If my case was not assigned for review or investigation, I am requesting any records, notes, and memos as to why my complaint was not assigned for investigation or if review is still pending.

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