Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Office of Attorney General Complaint and Questions

I electronically filed the following complaint and questions yesterday, April 14, 2009, with the Attorney General's Office.

I sent a letter along with evidence to State Attorney Glenn Hess- FL 14th Judicial District- charging the FDLE, Holmes County Sheriff’s Dept, and WFEC with illegal electronic surveillance, etc. I also charged former State Attorney Steve Meadows and his Chief Assistant State Attorney with covering up. The USPS confirmed delivery of my EXPRESS MAIL envelope, Receipt Number: EH55 8363 395US, at 10:25 AM Monday, March 9, 2009. On 3-18-09, I phoned the SAO, asked to speak to State Attorney Hess, and was transferred to "Pam's" answering machine. I left a recorded message for Pam to ask State Attorney Hess if he had the chance to review my March 6, 2009 letter and VHS tape that I sent to him, left my name, address, phone number, today's date, asked for an appointment, and requested that he get back to me so that we can resolve this matter. On 3-20-09 I phoned the SAO and again left a message on “Pam’s” answering machine.

On 4-3-09, I faxed the SAO a public records request seeking all files related to my March 6, 2009 letter discussed above. I called the SAO and an employee acknowledged receiving the fax. On 4-7-09, I phoned the SAO employee that handles the Public Record Requests and left a message inquiring as to the status of my request. I still haven't received a return call from the SAO regarding either my complaint or Public Records Request.

Isn’t State Attorney Hess required to at least respond to my complaint or else charge me with filing a false report? Isn’t State Attorney Hess required by law to respond to my Public Records Request?

I’ve pasted in a copy of my 3-6-09 letter to State Attorney Hess below:

I pasted in a copy of my 3-6-09 letter to State Attorney Hess.

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