Thursday, August 23, 2007


US Rep Jeff Miller wrote that he couldn't help with the FBI, so I filed two FOIA's with with the FBI: one with the Special Agent in Charge at the Jacksonville office (PRIORITY MAIL 0306 1070 0004 8123 0740) and the other with David M. Hardy, Chief, RIDS, in DC (EXPRESS MAIL EB 390615184). USPS Track & Confirm verified delivery of the later. However, I noticed that USPS Track & Confirm indicated two separate Acceptance times by Wassau Post Office: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I've never seen this before and inquired about it. Amber S, who I dealt with before, emailed a reply that my mail was delivered in DC. I emailed back that my question was, why two different acceptance times? I suspect that someone opened both envelopes. I've pasted in the text from my FOIA/PA Request to DC below. I hope that's what they receive.The other one was the same but addressed to the Special Agent in Charge at the Jacksonville FBI office.

Request for PersonalRecords under the FOIA/PA

Joseph Michael Keegan
Street Address.,
City, FL 32425
Daytime phone #
email address

August 21, 2007

David M. Hardy, Chief
Record/Information Dissemination Section
Records Management Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20535-0001

Dear Sir:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. Section 552) and the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. Section 552a)

I write to request a copy of all agency records relating to me. Please inform me if your index or indexes show that there are “See References” indicating that my name appears in files under captions other than my name, so that I can decide whether to have such files searched.

In order to help your search for these materials, I am including the following information. Other names that I have used: Joe Keegan. I mailed a complaint and request for help, dated June 4, 2007, under the name of Joe Keegan and signed by Joe Keegan to the FBI Jacksonville office charging the FDLE and Holmes County Sheriff’s Department with illegal electronic surveillance and harassment. I also mailed under the name of Joe Keegan and signed by Joe Keegan a June 14, 2007 supplemental evidence envelope. The USPS verified delivery of both Express Mail envelopes. In addition, I mailed subsequent follow up letters, dated July 14, 2007 FBI, to both the Jacksonville FBI Special Agent In Charge and Civil Rights Supervisor regarding the status of my complaint.

My date of birth is ____; my place of birth is ______, __; and my Social Security Number is xxx-xx-xxxx.

The following information may also be of use in locating and identifying my records: I phoned the FBI's Jacksonville office to report this violation of my civil rights and police misconduct on June 1, 2007. The secretary connected me to an agent. I briefly explained the situation to Chris (no last names, although I identified myself as Joe Keegan and my address as _________, and phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx). Chris asked if the pole was on the street. I made it clear that both poles are on private property. Chris said to summarize it in a page or two, attach some letters, and mail it to the attention of the Civil Rights Supervisor.

As you know, the FOIA requires that even if some material is properly exempt from mandatory disclosure, all segregable portions must be released. If all material covered by this request is withheld, please inform me of the specific exemptions that are being claimed; if material is being released with deletions, I ask that each deletion be marked to indicate which exemption(s) is (are) being claimed to authorize each particular withholding. In addition, I ask that your agency exercise its discretion to release information that may be technically exempt but where withholding would serve no important public interest.

I am prepared to pay reasonable fees for the material that I am requesting. However, I ask that if the fees will total more than $xxx.00 that I be informed before the fees are incurred.

In addition, the FOIA states that fees should be reduced or waived when release of information would be of benefit to the public. Since the release of files to the subject of those files is important for the protection of personal privacy in our society, I believe that the fees that would be incurred by this request should be waived, or, in the alternative, reduced. If you do not grant my request for a fee waiver, and if the copying fees will be more than $xx.00, I ask that provisions be made so that I can review the records I am requesting and to select those documents that I want copied.

If you have any questions regarding this request, please telephone me at xx-xxx-xxxx. I would be happy to discuss ways in which this request could be clarified or redesigned to speed the search for records.

As provided under the FOIA, I will expect a reply within twenty working days.

Under penalty of perjury, I hereby declare that I am the person named above and I understand that any falsification of this statement is punishable under the provisions of Title 18, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 1001 by a fine of not more than $10,000 or by imprisonment of not more than five years, or both; and that requesting or obtaining any record(s) under false pretenses is punishable under the provisions of Title 5, U.S.C., Section 552a(i)(3) as a misdemeanor and by a fine of not more than $5,000.


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