Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jeff Miller, Member of Congress

I received Jeff Miller's reply, dated August 14, 2007, to my request for help this past Friday, August 17, 2007. The text of the Honorable's communication appears below.

August 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Keegan:

Thank you for your letter regarding your concerns with the FDLE, Holmes County Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I do understand your concerns regarding these matters and appreciate your bringing them to my attention.

In reviewing your correspondence, I see that you sent your concerns in writing to the FBI. This is the appropriate course of action to take. As a Member of Congress, I am not in authority to neither assist in nor take part in active agency investigations. When an agency receives such allegations, they have an investigative branch that examines the matter and takes action. This is akin to a judicial review and outside the legislative authority that I possess.

I am very sorry that I was unable to assist you. In offering help, however, I did want to be perfectly honest with you about how this situation limits by ability to assist in such matters. I am confident that if the agency finds merit in your allegations or have further questions, they will be in touch with you. Do understand that as a matter under the Privacy Act, the agencies may not be able to report back to you or even confirm any action taken.

If I can be of further assistance to you concerning other matters, please contact me. With warm personal regards, I am


Signed Jeff Miller
Member of Congress

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