Sunday, August 19, 2007

US Rep Jeff Miller

The USPS verified that my Express Mail envelope number EB39 0615 198US was delivered on 07/30/2007 at 11:02 AM in PENSACOLA, FL, 32503. The preceding item was a request for my Congressman to inquire as to the status of my complaint charging theFDLE and Holmes County Sheriff's Department with illegal surveillance and harassment. Earlier I had sent the Congressman a copy of the same VHS tape that I sent to the SAO. Based on that compelling VHS tape, US Rep Miller suggested that I contact my State Representative, which I did. I also provided the Congressman with additional evidence of my charges.

July 28, 2007

The Honorable Jeff Miller
4300 Bayou Blvd., Suite 13
Pensacola, Florida 32503

Dear Congressman Miller,

I’m requesting your help with a problem that I’m having with a federal agency. The USPS verified delivery of my June 4, 2007 FBI complaint (copy enclosed)and June 14, 2007 supplemental evidence (copy enclosed)letters to the FBI Jacksonville office. Both the Jacksonville FBI Special Agent In Charge and Civil Rights Supervisor failed to respond to my subsequent July 14, 2007 letters (copies enclosed) inquiring as
to the status of my complaint. Consequently, I’m requesting your help in obtaining a reply from the Jacksonville FBI to my complaint charging the FDLE and Holmes County Sheriff’s Department with illegal electronic surveillance and harassment.

All attempts to resolve this on-going egregious violation of US Constitutionally protected rights with Florida State authorities were met with stonewalling lies, and cover-up. There’s not only an inherent conflict of interest with the FDLE and SAO investigating my charges, but also there are no effective checks and balances within this system. Only unaccountability makes this arrogant abuse and violation of the US
Constitution possible.

As you suggested in your earlier letter, I phoned the Jacksonville FBI office and the FBI representative who answered the phone connected me with a FBI agent, who identified himself as Chris (he said that they don’t give their last names). I
identified myself and gave my address. Chrisdidn ’t question my veracity, but only if the devices were located on a public street or on private property. When convinced that they were indeed on private property, Chris instructed me to write a brief letter to the Jacksonville FBI Civil Rights Supervisor. I’m requesting your help in
getting a reply to my complaint from the FBI.

Former FDLE Agent Betty Romminger asked me: Why is this still going on? Good question. Why is this still going on? Is this an example of the “freedom” that our troops are fighting to protect in Iraq?


Joe Keegan

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